Newcomers Fraxinus take things to the extreme


A compelling debut album from one of the UK’s most intriguing new bands, Fraxinus, is soon to be released on Clobber Records. Invocations I is their first offering yet, through semi-improvisational ritualistic black metal fused with noise rock and shamanistic chanting, the band achieve a sound far beyond their existence.

Formed last year, Fraxinus challenge the boundaries of immersive and extreme music. Through their intense exploration of spirituality and ritualism, this album is one that the listener takes notice of immediately. In a world full of repetitions, Invocations I is an origin from which many echoes will be heard.

Clobber Records was born in 2017 and has quickly gained a reputation for seeking out the best in alternative and extreme music. The roster already includes established black metal poets Shadowflag, the atmospheric extremity of And Now The Owls Are Smiling and the hostility of Soulphernus. The label continues to believe in the depth of new music and forges a path ever upwards.

  • Invocations I is released on 11th October 2019. It will be exclusively available as a limited edition cassette release as well as on all reputable digital streaming/download sites.
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