New Zero God – MMXIII

Review by Paul Broome

New Zero God are a band with quite an illustrious pedigree, comprised of members of The Flowers of Romance (by far Greece’s biggest goth band of the 80s and 90s, their 1996 album Brilliant Mistakes was produced by Wayne Hussey) they have returned with a second album of punk-tinged gothic rock for the 21st century.

‘Damaged’ kicks the album off with vocalist Mike Pougounas in full-on gruff goth mode, there’s a Nephilim-esque epic quality to this opener which swells and grows nicely. But for me the album really kicks off with the second track ‘Hypnotised’ – drawing more on the guy’s initial punk roots, with a real swagger to the drums, and a strong vocal this is a unique and addictive sound. The goth/post-punk anthems continue to come through the upbeat ‘No Cure for Love’, the more introspective ‘Sinners and Lovers’ (complete with its skittish bassline), and the stadium-sized ‘In Dreams We Trust’.

One of the strongest tracks, ‘Freakshow’ starts the second half of the album – minimal instrumentation winding around a confessional vocal building to an aggressive chorus. ‘Angeline’ has single written all over it, a real driving rock of a song. ‘Pinups’ is another of my favourites – it’s a curious little twisted beastie. Great bass work, and a heavily effected vocal – strangely addictive, and utterly intoxicating. Which leads us to the penultimate trackĀ  ‘Intoxication’ which is a pared down Joy Division-ish strut of a song, another gem. ‘Until The End of The Line’ rounds things off in an appropriately grandiose manner.

A great album you should definitely check out if you live on the darker side of rock, and let’s hope the next album comes around quicker than this one did.

8 out of 10

New Zero God - MMXIII (Album 200x200)


  1. Damaged
  2. Hypnotised
  3. No Cure For Love
  4. Sinners and Lovers
  5. In Dreams We Trust
  6. Freakshow
  7. Angeline
  8. Pinups
  9. Intoxication
  10. Until the End of the Line