New Disorder Music Festival @ The MFN, Shipley – Saturday 14th September 2013


Review and Photos by Tony Gaskin (Stagedive Photography)

11 top notch bands in one place and all for a great cause, and just so happens to be my birthday, well, it’d be rude not to wouldn’t it?

But, birthday aside, this was set to be a great way to have a last blowout of the summer. The New Disorder team have once again joined forces with the people from Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse to help raise awareness and much needed funds.

We reported earlier on in the year how previous events by all sorts of groups and supporters had finally enabled the RACPA team to fulfill their dream of purchasing a bus that could be converted into a mobile information unit. The kitted out bus was revealed for the first time today, to both the public and the RACPA team, a very emotional moment. But these things cost money to run so on with the show!

THEIAA stellar line-up of some of the best unsigned talent around had been put together yet again for todays event and first up we have the three lads of THEIA, or rather two of them and a stand in bass player. Their youthful exuberance and raw talent saw them through a set dogged by technical issues, it was still a fine set despite these irritating niggles and I’ve probably said this before, but definitely a band to watch out for.

I can only think of one other occasion when waiting for a band to come on that I’ve felt a little bit unsettled! The reason being that this will be the first time many will have seen the new look Dakesis, who, minus the undoubtedly powerful presence of former front man Wayne Dorman, have shuffled things around, so out go the keyboards and second guitar (both of which now reside in a little magic box of tricks next to the drummer!) Up steps Gemma to take on the vocal duties whilst Matt and Amie both seemingly taking one step forward into the light.

AceldamaThere can only be one song to open the set, and when the dust settles after the huge applause at the end of “New Dawn” you know everything is going to be fine, and they plough through their array of power metal tunes with aplomb, ’tis indeed a New Dawn.

Fellow Brummies and drinking buddies Aceldama were up next and their hard rocking melodies and anthems went down well with the early crowd, the cheesy cover of the Pointer Sisters “Excited” is now a permanent fixture in their live set and is an apt song for today.

NDMF likes to keep us fully entertained and throughout the day in between change overs a number of the bands were putting on acoustic sets in the bar area, Captain Horizon, Mitchell Emms, Imperial Circus, Steel Threads, Disguise the Limit all showed off their talents with acoustic versions of their songs and a few covers as well to get us all singing along.

But back to the main stage and we had The Winter Hill Syndicate, a band new to me, not something I would normally stick around and listen to, but they grabbed my attention, heavy post-hardcore/metalcore style with lost of great harmonies and crushing riffs.

A great supporter of RACPA is Rocksector Records, and along with loads of goodies for the tombola stall they brought along the guys from Babylon Fire who showed us why they are fast becoming a favourite on the metal circuit. Heavy, melodic metal/rock that gets the heads banging and the horns raised.

The slick operations back stage mean fast changeovers so with little time to catch out breaths, MisterNothing take to the stage. Fronted by Mitchell Emms, they play a set full of fast paced alt rock tunes and Mitchell owns the stage. His energy seems boundless and it’s easy to see why he did so well on The Voice.

Midpoint then and finally time to catch a breath and a bite to eat whilst the two ladies from Hell On High Heelz entertained the crowd with a display of pole dancing.

MordecaiThe second half of the day then and the bands to come had a tough job to emulate the high standards of the earlier bands and first up to drag the hoards back in were Line of Fire with their southern rock style heavy metal that saw them win their regional M2TM and grab a spot on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock. Infectious grooves and riffs ensure the room is soon rocking again, and an appearance on stage by the young ladies from Hell on High Heelz helps raise the temperature in the room by a few more degrees!

A triple header coming up then with three of the best British bands around on the underground rock and metal scene. We had the excellent Mordecai, those bunch of hard working Londoners, blasting out some of their latest songs from the new album “Undaunted”, definitely one of my favourite live bands of 2013. Following them were local lads Imperial Circus who have carved out a name for themselves recently with their heavy brooding sound, hopefully new album from these guys soon.

Finally from this triumvirate of British Rock, we had A Thousand Enemies, also from the East Mids, and set to release their first album. They’ve had a couple of line-up changes over the last few months, but the new guys have settled in nicely and they pull off a top notch set.

A Thousand Enemies

So then to the final band of the night (not counting the after show entertainment put on by covers band Gatecrasher), Captain Horizon. Things seem to be finally happening for these guys, and with new management plus continued praise for their debut album, the coming months look to be very interesting indeed.

Completely different to everything else we’ve seen today, Captain Horizon blend a mix of pop/rock/prog elements to create a hybrid alt prog sound that is quite unique. All are consummate technicians in their own right and the sound they produce live deserves to be taken to a wider audience, from the esoteric “The Light” to the powerfully emotive lyrics of “Patch” this band continues to get better and better and their set is a fitting highlight to a long, emotional, but exhilarating day.

Best birthday in years!

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  1. Hi sorry for a moan but… As we were all supporting this event and as we were headlining the event and put in as much effort and dedication as any of the fine bands playing and we are good mates with many of them it would have been nice to at least get our performance commented on. We play many main bike rallies and fill tents like no other even when in competition with some top uk acts. Just because we play other peoples music and cover them as close as possible doesn’t mean that it is any less than what the others do. We put a lot of time and our effort into supporting events for charity and it is sad that we didn’t even get a mention other than..

    “So then to the final band of the night (not counting the after show entertainment put on by covers band Gatecrasher),”

    I would appreciate a reply please as our reputation within our market place is just as important to us as the other bands playing that night.


    • Hi Phil

      Thanks for taking the time to write.

      When first starting MR I made the editorial decision to only write about original acts as they are simply too many tribute and covers bands for the time and resources we have available. Everyone writing for MR does it for the love. No one is paid.

      So please dont take it as a slight on your charity work or as a musician, as this is not our intention.

      We DO use Facebook to post up promos for ALL rock bands and have set permissions to allow anyone to post to our page. Indeed I posted a promo about a tribute act gig there other day. So please do make use of that service to reach several thousand MR followers.


      Peter Keevil

    • “Just because we play other peoples music and cover them as close as possible doesn’t mean that it is any less than what the others do.”
      Yes it does. You play other people’s music, you don’t write your own. Big difference.
      Your charity work is commendable as is your ability to faithfully re-create another band’s material, but to claim your band has the same credence as those that strive to create instead of imitate is ludicrous.

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