Neuronspoiler – Emergence


Review by Julian Handley

Emergence is the blistering debut from London based multi-cultural metallers Neuronspoiler, the quintet being made up of members hailing from four different countries to create a truly International twist to their purveyance of NWOBHM. The album is a nostalgia trip of epic proportions, sodden in metal juices and marinated in the essence of early Iron Maiden. The Maiden influence is evident throughout with tasteful bass licks driving this melodic juggernaut on with thundering power, whilst consciously tipping the hat to the style of Steve Harris. The twin guitar duelling of Dave Shirman and David del Cid, weave and twist with expert playing and dizzy, spiralling riffs of high altitude magnificence. Eric Tekilla pounds the skins like a man possessed keeping perfect timing with relentless ferocity. The mysterious JR (no Dallas /Larry Hagman ( R.I.P ) quips necessary) provides the vocals, and boy does he have a set of pipes. His range is pretty impressive. Typically and traditionally he is fixed in the highest pitch achievable to bring out the best of what these great songs demand, to create maximum impact. With production courtesy of Guillermo ‘Will’ Maya, ( The Answer, Breed 77, Panic Cell, Adrian Smith ), the quality of the eleven tracks on offer is of stratospheric proportions.

I find it unreal to think that Neuronspoiler are virtually unheard of outside of London. The album is an independent release which could well end up with shrewd executives looking to sign these boys up to a record label deal. I anticipate a frenzied interest from a majority of respected metal labels as Neuronspoiler would certainly enhance anyone’s roster. But don’t take my word for it, go out and find out for yourselves, you certainly won’t regret it.

Neuronspoiler - Emergence8.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Digital Resistance
  2. Through Hell We March
  3. Take The Stage
  4. Irreverent
  5. Act Of Defiance
  6. Invincible Man
  7. Exempt Of Privilege
  8. Never Back Down
  9. Dying Worlds
  10. (Just A Fool) On Your Way Up
  11. Never Back Down