Nebelung – Mistelteinn


Divine acoustic dark folk…

Re-released though Temple of Torturous on 15 July 2016, reviewed her by Jason Guest

Nebelung’s 2014 album Palingenesis (reviewed here) remains a beautifully meditative and ethereal album, the acoustic dark folk within taking its time to reveal it full majesty through the gentle repetition and development of mellifluous and melodic passages and softly added layers. Born in the autumn of 2004, in April 2005, Nebelung would release their debut album Mistelteinn in a very limited number. Eleven years on, because of a few “technical imperfections”, Nebelung have re-recorded the entire album, rearranged some tracks, and handed it over to Temple of Torturous for release in a limited run of 300 on white vinyl.

Like their subsequent releases, Mistelteinn is beautiful. The air of solitude and solemnity as well as the ever-deepening mystical atmospheres that pervade their oeuvre are here, of course, and unfurls slowly – and divinely. Each track as enthralling as the last, it’s interesting to hear how a band that originally made metal / blues turned to acoustic instrumentation an harnessed it so fluently. Serene and tranquil, there’s a stillness to the album, the band capturing the transcendental sovereignty of nature in all its evasive yet all-pervasive secrecy. Throughout the album, Mistelteinn’s realm is captivating and at all points, we are transported to some other place, a place both otherworldly and earthly. Introspective, innovative and inspired, the album marks Nebelung’s first steps on that leafy path that has served them so very well since then. Highly recommended.

Nebelung_mistelteinn_LP.indd9 out of 10

Track List:

  1. – –
  2. Heimschung
  3. Abel und kain
  4. Regen in der Dämmerung
  5. Mistelteinn
  6. Heimatlos