Mr Big – Live from the Living Room


Review by Lisa Nash

Eric Martin (Vocals), Pat Torpey (Drums), Billy Sheehan (Bass), Paul Gilbert (Guitar), recorded live in Tokyo as an acoustic and intimate set. The idea was to create a set that would sound as if it were played in the comfort of your living room, something that they have managed to create, it is easy to imagine you are sat in a comfy chair with a cup of tea and a slice of cake while listening (maybe cos that’s what I did do).

These are classic Mr Big hits, nothing new, just played in a different way, more relaxed, like a jam session, it is not your average live album. I do feel Mr Big can be a little too sugary sweet at times, like chocolate gateau you enjoy it in small amounts, something of a guilty pleasure. There are some good tracks here, and I was reminded just how much I once loved their biggest hit, “To Be With You”.

Tracks are Undertow, Still Ain’t Enough for Me, As Far as I Can See, Voodoo Kiss, Take Cover, Around the World, Stranger in my Life, All the Way Up, To Be With You, Nobody Left to Blame.

This is a great album for sitting listening to when you want a calm, restful afternoon but it has so much of the comfy feel it fails to really excite. When I buy a live album I am after the excitement you get with a show, this is just a little too nice.

Rating 7/10