Moribund Records: Dodsferd + Profezia + Bleeding Fist


Moribund Records LogoReview by Jason Guest

With a few releases from Moribund Records reviewed already here at MR, we’ve got even more from the label’s darkened depths. From Greece’s Dodferd comes their ninth album, The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race; from the multi-national Profezia, we have their third album entitled Oracolo Suicida; and from Slovenia’s Bleeding Fist we have a compilation of material recorded between 2011 and 2013 that goes by the malodorous moniker of Death’s Old Stench. Lovely. And of course if you want more from Moribund, you can visit their website, ‘Like’ ‘em on Facebook, or take a peek at their YouTube page. In the meantime…

Dodsferd – The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race

With five tracks (one of which is a good but unnecessary Misfits cover) in half an hour, you’d expect this album to consist of long and drawn out tracks that wallow in brooding atmospheres, turgid structures, and an abundance of tempo changes. But no, album number nine from Greece’s Dodsferd and there is no sign of the depressive, ambient black metal that makes up a large part of their back catalogue. The four original tracks may well be between six and eight minutes long but they blast along as if they were half that time. Opener ‘Breeding Chaos’ is fast, very fast, the riffs blasting past while vocalist Wrath spits his hate-filled venom across the maelstrom. And ‘Creator of Disease’, ‘Stupid Worthless Sheep’ and ‘Doubting Your Worth’ are all ruthless bursts of relentless venom and bile. Whatever it was that stirred Dodsferd from their suicidal slumber has resulted in an absolute menace of an album. Their previous works are good – some great – but this is just fucking nuts! Yep, Moribund Records have picked a winner with Dodsferd.

tiskoviny 1.cdr8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Breeding Chaos
  2. Creator Of Disease
  3. Stupid Worthless Sheep
  4. Doubting Your Worth
  5. We Are 138 (Misfits Cover)

Profezia – Oracolo Suicida

Profezia’s third album, Oracolo Suicida, is as dramatic as it is melancholic and bleak. While the backdrop to this unearthly delight is the requisite wall of fire, the intensity is given a depth by the weeping violin that leads the album. With a cold air about it, the album is melodic and mournful, richly layered with simple arrangements that carry a haunting chill. While most of the album revels in the despondent murk of black metal ambiance and contorted aggression, it’s the drum-less ‘Sacra Tempesta’ in particular that allows the faintest of lights to gain entrance into the work. An unsettling track, those that surround it are made all the more penetrating. The delicate menace that pervades the album’s atmospherics is all-consuming and enriched by Kvasir’s adroit use of the violin, without which Oracolo Suicida would still be a very good album.

digipak_6page-CDCentre-DW-SPAIN7.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Oracolo Suicida
  2. Sacra Tempest
  3. Senza Il Giorno
  4. Future Rivelato
  5. Il Gioco Del Parassita
  6. Nato Morto


Bleeding Fist – Death’s Old Stench

Last time I checked – around the release of their last EP, 2011’s Devil’s Ferox – Slovenia’s Bleeding Fist mission was to spread sickness and fear through rancorous, venomous and poisonous riffs and rhythms dutifully gouged out of their instruments. While that release saw the band at their best since their formation in 2005, it still wasn’t enough to mark them out as anything other than a good but not great black metal band. Other than releasing a live album and a split with Italy’s Kurgaall, line-up changes have been taking place. So while we await the band’s next release with their new line-up, we get Death’s Old Stench, a compilation of material recorded between 2011 and 2013. As with Devil’s Ferox, it’s good but not great and there’s little suggestion that Bleeding Fist have improved since that release. With vocalist Hellscream and bassist Infernal Karbürator now working with two new musicians, it’s up to them to leave this era behind and move on and create something better than good, something great. The potential’s there and there are signs of it here but it’s just not been fully harnessed yet.

Bleeding Fist 20146 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Angel Negro (intro)
  2. Holy Saint Of Death
  3. Brootherhood Of Chaos And Death
  4. Revelation Of Degenesis
  5. The Veiled Corowned Queen
  6. De La Muerte (intermezzo)
  7. Azazel
  8. Death Almighty Death
  9. Blackened Illumination
  10. Tweens Of Darkness And Evil
  11. Cursed Blood
  12. Prelude To The Total Death – 266 (outro)