Moonloop – Deeply From The Earth


Review by Jason Guest

Barcelona’s Moonloop bear so many similarities to Opeth that it can be a challenge to tell them apart. Elaborate structures, long instrumental passages that weave intricate, heavy riffs with complex clean passages, death metal grunts and melodic vocal harmonies, and accomplished musicianship all come together in an album that could at times easily pass for an album of unreleased material recorded circa Opeth’s Damnation/Blackwater Park era. That the music is of such a high standard is both a burden and a blessing. The former because of the inevitable and no doubt endless comparisons that will forever accompany this album; the latter meaning that such a judgement attests to the level of musicianship and song-craft displayed on this, their second album and first since 2005. Why the long wait? Who’s to know, but Moonloop have produced a pretty good prog metal album with little in the way of weaknesses. The trouble is, once that Opeth connection is made, it’s difficult to shake off. The same goes for their other a-little-too-well-pronounced influences, such as Alice In Chains in the vocal harmonies and Gojira. But if you can live with that, what remains is an album well worth giving a spin. Moonloop are phenomenal musicians adept in the art of songcraft but their voice remains to be developed. A seven year gap between releases should allow for a band to find and nurture that voice. Had this been the album that they had released a year or two after their 2005 debut, Release From Duality, and then followed it up with a few more releases, by now they would have carved out their own identity and been able to stand out for their merits. But while we wait for that time to come, Deeply From The Earth will suffice.

6 out of 10

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Track Listing:

  1. Awakening Spirals Of Time
  2. Beginning Of The End
  3. A Life Divided
  4. Fading Faces
  5. Strombus
  6. Deceiving Time
  7. Legacy Of Fear
  8. Wailing Road
  9. Landscape
  10. Atlantis Rising