Moodoïd – Moodoïd EP


Review by Paul Broome

Les Disques Entreprise

You’d have to have spent the last year or two with your head in the sand to not have noticed the recent 21st Century psychedelic rock resurgence. Over the last year or three the extremes have been pushed across the trippy sonic spectrum from Acid Mothers Temple to Deerhunter, from Bo Ningen to Hookworms. Moodoïd is largely the work of one man – Parisian multi-instrumentalist Pablo Padovani – and his music dwells more toward the Connan Mockasin paddling “pop” end of psychedelia, rather than the deep balls-out/freak-out end of the lysergic pool. He creates swirling and simmering tunes, the equivalent of a chilled summer afternoon with good friends. Kind of Air with more freedom; or Beta Band with better weather.

This EP is mixed by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, and is a great showcase for Padovani’s talents. Each of the four songs meanders and explores in its own time, shifting melody, tempo and signature at will, but naturally – there is nothing forcedly clever or smug about the arrangements or the performances. Psychedelia, at its best, should be fluid – and this EP is dripping.

The final track, ‘Je sais ce qui tu es’ (I know what you are), is the highlight – 7 minutes 41 seconds of ageless wonder, concluding with a handful of decisive Byrds-esque jangled 12-string chords.

All in all, a great debut (which has just been re-issued on 2 x 7” singles for the vinylphiles out there).

Moodoid 20137 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. De Folie Pure
  2. La Chanson Du Ciel De Diamant
  3. Je Suis La Montagne
  4. Je Sais Ce Qui Tu Es