Molly Hatchet @ The Robin 2, Bilston – Sunday 9th February 2014


Review By Dean Pedley, Photos by Lisa Billingham

Molly Hatchet, the hard living southern rockers from out of Jacksonville, have seen a considerable number of members come and go over the years but the current line-up can still count one founder in guitarist Dave Hlubek. Hlubek takes a back seat these days to band leader Bobby Ingram, who came on board as guitarist back in ‘87, and Phil ‘Hell Yeah’ McCormack who has been fronting Hatchet since the mid-90’s.

John Galvin has been on the keyboards since 1983 and completing the current line-up is the rhythm section of bassist Tim Lindsay and drummer Shawn Beamer who have both been part of Hatchet for close on a decade. With their credentials out of the way does the current band deliver the authentic Molly Hatchet sound? Based on what was witnessed at The Robin you would have to say Hell Yeah!

Molly Hatchet
Molly Hatchet

Kicking off with a couplet of barn burners in ‘Whiskey Man’ and ‘Bounty Hunter’ they immediately hit the spot, McCormack’s whiskey soaked growl and larger than life stage presence dovetailing with the sizzling twin guitar duels of Ingram and Hlubek which continues through a fierce rendition of ‘Gator Country’. Dedicating ‘Edge of Sundown’ and ‘Fall of the Peacemakers’ to the servicemen and women and veterans from both sides of the Atlantic, McCormack shows that he has the voice to fill the shoes of the late Danny Joe Brown.

Hatchet have always succeeded in extending their appeal to the Metal crowd and McCormack recalls a meeting at Sweden Rock with Ronnie James Dio before dedicating ‘Darkness of the Night’ to the late singer complete with trademark horns in the air. Later era material ‘Son of the South’ and ‘Devil’s Canyon’ maintains Hatchet’s reputation for crunching riffs and scorching solos. After closing the main set with their hard rocking cover of the Allman Brothers ‘Dreams I’ll Never See’ the encore sees Hatchet’s best known crowd-pleasing anthem ‘Flirtin’ With Disaster’ dusted off one more time in true fire in their bellies style.

Molly Hatchet
Molly Hatchet

For artists with such a long history as Molly Hatchet the past is always present with each show they play and rightly so. But there is no doubt whatsoever that the current band continues to proudly wave the confederate flag for kick ass southern rock.

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  1. Didn’t play “Boogie No More”? Best southern rock workout since Freebird !!
    Check out, Danny Joe Brown and The Danny Joe Brown Band (Remastered) CD, on Rock Candy, if you are a fan of MH

  2. Great gig by MH. Shame about the two support bands. Blown away by Friday night at The Slade Rooms with Piston & Cage the gods suporting The Treatment

    • Strange comment dude. I kinda suggest you weren’t at the Molly Hatchet gig at all. Fair enough about the german band but shyyne were totally awesome and the whole of the rest of the crowd thought so too and 400 people cant all be wrong about that. After a 130 mile drive there and back me and my buddies still think that. So I figure that you gotta be one of the other bands you mention who I never heard of by the way. If you were at the Molly gig you’d have seen that shyyne were totally awesome,that is if you appreciate a good band when you see one, certainly the 6 of us thought so and buddy we aint wrong! Get shyyne over to my home in the states and they would be big news. So I gotta question your motives. Sounds like totally sour grapes to me.

      • BB, I was there. And not everyone thought as you did. Don’t like music? I saw 97 bands last year and 14 so far this year but expect to break the 100 barrier. We all have different tastes. Just not for me!

    • Both supports at the R2 were well short of being good, which was a shame. Iron Horses – more like Wyld Stallions!

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