Midnight – Complete and Total Hell


Review by Jason Guest

Between 2003 and 2011, Midnight released a number of demos, EPs and splits (as well as compilations and live albums that aren’t included here) and the good people at Hell’s Headbangers have taken the time to put all 21 tracks together in one package. If you know very little about Midnight, they are considered to be one of the best underground bands of the 21st century. One listen to this and it’s easy to understand why. They sound like Motorhead meets Venom meets Discharge meets all kinds of d-beat, punk, metal, and much more. With punk attitude and metal aggression, brute force riffs and manic leads, infectious choruses and hooks sharper than a serpent’s tooth, it’s clear that Midnight has never once compromised their sound. Nor have they ever had the need to.

Solid from start to finish, this is an album where not one track stands out as the best or even as a favourite. It’s not often that any album is this good from start to finish, but for a band to consistently produce material of such quality for eight years is just incredible. Methinks it’s time to get hold of their first full length, 2011’s Satanic Royalty

9 out of 10

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  • Buy the digital version of Complete and Total Hell here
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Track listing:

  1. Funeral Bell
  2. All Hail Hell
  3. Servant Of No One
  4. Unholy And Rotten
  5. I Am Violator
  6. Hot Graves
  7. Long Live Death
  8. White Hot Fire
  9. Endless Slut
  10. Lord In Chains
  11. Strike Of Midnight
  12. Take You To Hell
  13. On The Wings Of Satan
  14. Turn Up The Hell
  15. Black Rock ’N’ Roll
  16. It’s A Sacrifice
  17. Vomit Queens
  18. Screams Of Blasphemy
  19. Cross Held High
  20. Lucifer’s Sanctuary
  21. Berlin Is Burning