Max Raptor – Mother’s Ruin


Review by Brady Deeprose

Every now and then, a band comes along that seem to have the very essence of their nation imbued in their sound. With Mother’s Ruin, Max Raptor show off their ability to write hard-hitting, melodic punk anthems with a powerfully ‘English’ grit.

Max Raptor - Mothers Ruin

Right from the off, you can tell there’s something inherently honest and ‘real’ about this album, ‘Back of A Barrel Wave’ has one of the most unexpectedly catchy choruses I’ve heard in a long time and some interesting experimental-esque vocal work in the middle section.

‘Taming of The Shrewd’ is another banger, and definitely contender for track of the album. What’s amazing listening to the album, is that the songs are quite simply just superb from start to finish, and pretty much any of them could be a single. The chosen single however, is ‘England Breathes’, an anthemic romp through the mind of vocalist Wil Ray that is sure to have people singing along at every show.

Max Raptor have done exactly what all great bands do: written an album that defines their unique sound and yet every song has its own character and a different feel. ‘Heavy Hearts’ is the first real ‘ballad’ I‘ve heard from the band and is a real triumph, the way some of the vocal lines fall around the instrumental is sublime. For me, this is one of the year’s strongest releases, no real weak tracks and an attention to detail that I really love to see, you can tell, especially vocally, that every part has been thought about and placed for maximum effect. Expect big things from these lads in the future.

Max Raptor TourIn December, Max Raptor will be bringing their raucous live show to venues around the UK with Attention Thieves and We Are Fiction.

9 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Back of A Barrel Wave
  2. Taming Of The Shrewd
  3. England Breathes
  4. Grace and Favours
  5. Breakers
  6. Evangeline
  7. Heavy Hearts
  8. Must Work Harder
  9. Mother’s Ruin
  10. Pioneers