Mausoleum Records: NitroVault + Grenouer + M:Pire of Evil + Max Pie


Mausoleum Records LogoReviews by Paul H Birch

Four mainland European albums recently released on the Mausoleum Records label:

  • NitroVault – Pänzer
  • Grenouer – Blood On The Face
  • M:Pire of Evil –  Crucified
  • Max Pie – Eight Pieces


NitroVault – Pänzer

Speedy rock and roll rather than metal there’s an element of knockabout goodtime humour present as German band NitroVault trash their way through the riff rock of ‘Twisted Shot of Booze’, bass-driven punk of ‘Lie to You and more 70s groove based sounds of ‘Going Down’. But always, there’s a whiff of The Ramones, The MC5 and Motorhead and even Airbourne to their signature sound. Nothing new but all played energetically with some nice shoot-from-the-hip solo bursts of guitar.

NitroVolt 2013

6.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Pay The Price
  2. Rock It Out
  3. Don’t Let Go
  4. Twisted Shot Of Booze
  5. Lie To You
  6. Into The Night
  7. Hardröck Queen
  8. Going Down
  9. Born To Love
  10. Get Rid
  11. So You Die
  12. Hail Hail


Grenouer – Blood On The Face

Hailing from Russia, Grenouer are now into their seventh record, having started as an extreme metal band they’re currently offering slow grinding thrash-psychedelics with an Eastern-European Tears for Fears bent, though ‘Midday Show’ even features a rap! More frequent tempo changes (as on ‘Brain Fever’ and the affecting ‘The Taste of Misery’) would mean the admirable Beatles vocal stylisations wouldn’t have to carry the tunes so much.

Grenouer 20135 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Intro: Thunder Phase
  2. Blood on the Face
  3. Sands of Silence
  4. Midday Show
  5. Golden Years
  6. Rejected
  7. Fix Your Life/A Few Miles from Paradise
  8. The Taste of Misery
  9. Brain Fever
  10. See No Sun
  11. Last Stop
  12. All in the Suit That You Wear


M:Pire of Evil –  Crucified

Second album in, M:Pire of Evil – featuring original Venom guitarist Mantas plus Tony  Dolan on bass and vocals – surprise this listener with music he doesn’t need to decipher the guttural utterances to. With songs of Hammer-influenced gore aplenty and a few Venom covers too, fiendish marching and whirlwind spinning riffs get share out across the tracks, with some strong wailing guitar and even what sounds like the devil-spawned offspring of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown on ‘Crucified’.

M-Pire Of Evil - Crucified6 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Temples of Ice
  2. Parasite
  3. Kissing the Beast
  4. Blackened Are the Priests
  5. Carnivorous
  6. Black Legions
  7. Need to Kill
  8. Wolverine
  9. Crucified
  10. Demone
  11. Taking It All


Max Pie – Eight Pieces-One World

Flirting with extravagant orchestral arrangements and thrash-like elements, this Belgian prog metal band know how to throw in time changes and not bury the tune as evidenced on the epic ‘Earth’s Rules’ or ‘The Side of a Dime’ where Arabic sounds retreat before a staccato riff and then the whole thing speeds up, leaving ‘Addictions’ to be the most mainstream rock song on the album. Damien Di Fresco squeals out some fine guitar solos and singer Tony Carlino adapts his voice to suit each song, notably during the spoken word intro to ‘I’m in Love’.

Max Pie 2013

6.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Cage Of Sins
  2. I’m Sealed
  3. Earth’s Rules
  4. I’m In Love
  5. Vendetta
  6. The Side Of A Dime
  7. Addictions
  8. Don’t Tell Me Lies