Martyr De Mona – Memento/Contagion


Review by Tony Gaskin

mdmIt’s been a turbulent time for Martyr De Mona. Last year they were on a high from the album launch and in the running for Pure Rawks best new band award, then the band implodes and disintegrates.  R.I.P. MDM? Apparently not, with a steely determination, vocalist and founding member Louis Hale has picked himself back up and put together a band that although bears the same moniker, is altogether a different kettle of fish.

This two track release is both retrospective and prophetic.

First track, Memento, is clearly old school MDM. The recognisable riffs, tones and overall style is what gave MDM an edge on the local scene, enabling them to stand out. This is mainly down to the fact that much of the recording was done with previous members, but was revamped for this release and you can pick out certain aspects which reflect this transitional period.

Accompanying this track is a wholly new recording, Contagion. You’re immediately struck with a heavier, more classic rock sounding track. New guitarist Ant Rickett clearly has a more metal inspired background, whilst Josh Wooldridge’s bass lines have cleaner feel to them. Finishing off the trio of newcomers is Ashley Leatherlead behind the drums, who shows off some great dexterity on this track.

The band recently signed to In At The Eye Records and are due to play their last local gig for a while on the 26th at the O2 in Brum before shutting themselves away to record the next album.

You need to get down and witness for yourself the new Martyr De Mona, 2013 looks like it’s shaping up nicely already.