Magnum – No Steppin’ Stones


ritish rock icons Magnum released a new digital single and lyric video today. The song “No Steppin’ Stones” is taken from the upcoming studio album “The Monster Roars”.

Tony Clarkin comments: “I got the idea for it late one night traveling on the bus, I couldn’t sleep so I went up front to speak to Graham our driver.We talked for what seemed ages, I never found out where we were. But I came to the conclusion we were on that Spinning Wheel.”

‘THE MONSTER ROARS’ features twelve new songs in total, with a few little surprises thrown in! On top of the regular disc, Magnum are releasing a limited box set with three extra bonus tracks, including a new version of ‘Days Of No Trust’, the opener of the 1988 album classic ‘Wings Of Heaven’, a new remastered version of ‘Sweets For My Sweet’, the very first single of their career from 1975, and a previously unreleased track from the same era. And from March 2022, the band will finally be returning to Europe for a major tour (see below for dates).

1. The Monster Roars 3:57
2. Remember 5:05
3. All You Believe In 5:01
4. I Won’t Let You Down 3:57
5. The Present Not The Past 5:27
6. No Steppin’ Stones 3:57
7. That Freedom Word 4:52
8. Your Blood Is Violence 6:44
9. Walk The Silent Hours 4:51
10. The Day After The Night Before 4:23
11. Come Holy Men 5:01
12. Can’t Buy Yourself Heaven 5:00