Lovebite @ O2 Academy, Birmingham – Saturday 29th June 2013


Review by Peter Keevil. Pics by Mark Lloyd

Birmingham’s Lovebite released one of my favourite albums of 2012 in ‘Lock n Load’ but I have only ever seen them as a support act, so I was looking forward to seeing them headline the bill in their home town.

9192740989_a207c7039b_nUnfortunately, while the performance gave me plenty to be pleased about, the sound did not match the visual energy of the four-piece. I later heard that it was the sound engineer’s first gig alone at the helm and it showed – big time. The guitar sound was so weak it sapped all of the passion from their sass and guile – which for a glam/sleaze act is their very essence.

However, on occasion, guitarist Tryx managed to cut through the insipid phonics to show his fretboard dexterity and highlight just why Lovebite have that little extra edge in a genre that has long left Sunset Strip and now dominated by the Scandinavians.

I’d still like to see the guys tear it up a little bit more, be a bit more flamboyant and outrageous. Because they have singer/guitarist Jonny Sparks locked to a mic-stand the others need to compensate, project and engage. To Lock N Load if you will! But that can all come with further stage miles and analysis of the odd self-filmed gig video.

9195532422_45e0c09a67_nIt’s a lesson to be learned by all up and coming bands because you will get a shite sound, far more times than you would like, but what you can control is how YOU perform and if you can master that, then the better sound engineers are just around the corner.

The guys have recently signed a new album deal and are holed up in Birmingham’s Arkham Studios working on their new release. In the meantime check out their debut

Lock N Load
Breakin The Rules
Sin City
Queen Of Hearts
Can’t Fight Your Love
What’s A Boy To Do
Too Much Is Never Enough


See more of Mark’s photos here;


  1. No mention of the other 4 bands then???? Or was it just LOvebite who were there???
    No mention of my now favourits band in Birmingham Shyyne??? They were on just before Lovebite and were absolutely awesome or cant you mention Shyyne . Shyyne were by far the better band on the night and if you were there you would know that. Everybody thought the same even lovebbites own fans so why have you not mentioned them??? What have you got against them we are all wondering….and what is the point of reviewing gigs if you do not include all of the gig and omit the best band by far on the night….If this continues your credibility as a rock fanzine will be worthless.

    • Hi Brad

      Thanks for your comment.

      I was invited to review Lovebite, so that’s what I did. More often than not we review the support bands also, on this occasion I chose not to. As you will see from my review, I didn’t feel the sound was the best that night and so to review non-headline acts in that environment didn’t appear fair.

      I’m glad to enjoyed the Shyne set though. We like Shyne. We have reviewed them a few times and interviewed Toni & Mark recently.



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