Love Cream – First Taste


Review by Woody

Independent Release

Release Date: 20 December 2013

Aussie’s Love Cream take their lead straight from the LA strip circa 1989, loud, rambunctious, rebellious, attitude driven rock n roll! Listening through their debut album First Taste I found it hard to believe that these guys don’t hail from the LA strip and are actually from Australia. These guys are unashamedly hair metal to the core given their brazen and flamboyant image and they are here for a good time… oh and the chicks, yeah definitely the chicks.

Love Cream are just plain fun, full of energy and a care free attitude and a desire to get laid a lot. The band is aptly named given the sexually-charged nature of the vast majority of their lyrics. It is all firmly tongue in cheek and just fuels the fun time rock n’ roll ambience and gives a little nod of respect to the bands that obviously inspired their sound and attitude.

Lead guitarist Nick Robinson provides lots of raw and dirty riffs which gives the band that snarl and energy that will appeal to fans of the late eighties rock scene and vocalist Vinne Dynamo has that rebellious snarl to his voice which gives them an extra rock n’ roll middle finger to the world edge. First Taste from start to finish is straight ahead rock n’ roll which choruses that get stuck in your head.

On the whole, Love Cream are a fun party band, but I do have to point out there is more to them than what you see on the surface and behind the bluster and bombast there is actually a very talented bunch of musicians and you’ll discover that easily after a couple of listens. The most obvious example of this is on ‘Sweet May’, an emotive laidback ballad; it’s raw and melancholic but seriously effective and shows another dimension to the band’s talents. They have a strong ear for melody and whilst many of their inspirations relied on raw rebellious energy, these guys do drop a lot of strong melodic choruses in their raw mix, most notably on my favourite track ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’ which is catchy as hell with a killer melodic guitar riff and Godzilla-sized chorus.

Of course the fun and carnal action of ‘Open For Business’, ‘Back Door Lover’ and the energetic ‘Love Train’ are prime examples of the band making you want to crank the volume but also lead you to think what great songs these would be live. I sense it would be very hot and sticky, with these songs they do promise to be a boisterous live act.

Love Cream may not be reinventing the wheel but their songs are instantly enjoyable. If energetic chant along anthems with bounce-inducing guitar riffs sounds like your thing then the party rock of Love Cream is your way forward – just add beer and women. Well, given the nature of this album, an all-dude party could get a little bit awkward so I highly recommend some women. just don’t let Love Cream snag them first – because they are dirty bastards!

Love Cream – First Taste8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Open For Business
  2. Back Door Lover
  3. Spend The Night Together
  4. Hot In The Dark
  5. Love Train
  6. Sweet May
  7. Woman (I’m Gay For Your Lovin’)
  8. Why Not Me?
  9. She’s A Smokin’ Bitch
  10. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore