Lord – Digital Lies


Review by Tosh Davies

‘Ere’s one for ya! Just when you thought those crazy Aussies were all lighting rig climbing, cross dressing, didgeridoo blowing artists with questionable pasts, Lord spring up to redeem them all!

Their legacy as Lord is one that is gaining a respectable reputation from their homeland and further afield since dropping their original name of Dungeon, progression has been steady. ‘Digital Lies’ sees them storm the gates with an album of anthemic power riffs and surprisingly strong melodies. The title track has a catchy chorus but enough metal bite to keep the most diehard guitar fans happy, ‘Walk Away’ has the same formula and leaves you reaching for the repeat button. With their stomping riffs and kick ass double kick drum thundering through most of the album it is a real crowd pleaser that awaits the listener. A right old hot pot of styles all accumulate to produce a dish you certainly want second helpings of, from the AOR inspired harmonies to the guitar acceleration of Slayer and the progression of Queensrÿche it works a treat. An element of European influences does nothing to harm their credentials at all, if it’s well structured soaring solo’s you want or to just plain rock out with the horns in the air Lord will satisfy your requirements. With an understanding for 80’s inspired song structure combined with a real Metal delivery it’s a concoction that has a devastating and lasting effect.

Lord have now been picked up by my glorious metal radar, they’ve come soaring out of the clouds amongst a wave of shredding guitar and angelic harmonies. At last Australia is gaining a reputation that not all bands sound like AC/DC or get sexual gratification from a piece of rope and Satsuma.

Digital Lies has come as a complete surprise, like when you order that special massage and you don’t get charged for the ‘Happy Ending’ and as a bonus it’s not a bloke called Barry rubbing you down! Fair dinkum, it’s a bloody ripper! It’ll have blokes and Sheila’s knocking back the amber nectar down the billabong in every city they visit (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

Lord - Digital Lies7.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Incipio
  2. Betrayal Blind
  3. Digital Lies
  4. Point Of View
  5. Walk Away
  6. 2D Person In A 3D World
  7. Final Seconds
  8. The Last Encore
  9. Because We Can
  10. The Chalkboard Prophet
  11. Battle Of Venarium



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