Les Discrets – Ariettes Oubliées…


Review by Jason Guest

Ariettes Oubliées… is simultaneously gloomy, melancholic, and inexplicably uplifting. Incorporating the gothic, the melodic, the raging, and an array of musical devices to their end, Les Discrets control of their art is extraordinary. The compositions are remarkable and the rich textures of the album all-embracing. ‘Le mouvement perpetual’, the title track, and ‘La Nuit Muette’ for instance are dream-like, strangely comforting and deeply resonant, traits that continue through to the closing moments of the wonderful ‘Les Regrets’.  Each track a rich tapestry, they feel organic, as if growing out of themselves and discovering their increasing capability to enchant and seduce the listener.

With slow, melodic guitar lines, the soft embrace of gentle, hypnotic drumming, soothing waves of harsh guitars crashing in the near distance, and hauntingly soft, melodic vocals, and broad, exquisite vistas, Les Discrets have created a fantastic piece of work. The wonderfully soft acoustic guitars encounter doom-laden atmospheric passages, the repetition of chord progressions become increasingly hypnotic and mesmerising. The subtleties, the nuances and the refined nature of the album make it poignant, heart-rending, and moving. As for the performances, Audrey Hadorn’s vocals are haunting, her melodies hanging in the ether, floating in, out and through the songs. Winterhalter’s drums colour the pieces with the dynamism, drive and flourishes necessary to their end. And Teyssier’s capabilities as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist shines throughout. As with the outstanding artwork, the production is phenomenal, the sound warm and the mix perfectly balanced. Ethereal, majestic, and other-worldly, in every aspect, Ariettes Oubliées… is a success and very much deserving of your undivided attention.

9 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Linceul d’hiver
  2. La Traverse
  3. Le Mouvement Perpetual
  4. Ariettes Oubliées I: Je Devine À Travers Un Murmure…
  5. La Nuit Muette
  6. Au Creux De l’hiver
  7. Après l’Ombre
  8. Les Regrets

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