Legion – Nemesis


Review by Woody

The prolific song writing partnership of guitarist Vince O’Regan and vocalist Phil Vincent return with their band Legion’s third album Nemesis. Believe it or not this is actually the third Legion album in less than a year and a half! I was really impressed the band’s debut album but the follow up Code Of Honour failed to have the same impact and actually felt like off cuts from the debut. Just a quick mention about the album artwork, again provided by Al Barrow but this time going for a different impression. Answers on a postcard if you figure out who the screaming man is!

Nemesis has re-established my faith in the band; it may not be as immediate as the debut but is a lot fresher and adventurous then the follow up. It’s dark and aggressive with plenty of old school metal guitar riffs, many times putting me in mind of Judas Priest. I do think this album takes a few spins to truly appreciate but as a body of work I think this is Vince and Phil’s most accomplished piece yet.

Vince seems to revel in these huge bombastic riffs, which dip in and out of traditional sounding metal riffs you’d associate with big name English bands like Judas Priest. The vocals Vincent contributes fit the dark nature of the band perfectly and the song writer partnership seems a perfect fit. A nice return to form and it is a great album when looking for something a little different or dark to pump through the stereo speakers.

Instrumental opener ‘Nemesis’ utilises O’Regans trademark guitar sound before kicking straight into ‘Seems Like Yesterday’ which is a full force rocker with a big chunky guitar riff. It may not have an instant chorus but it does grow on you although the groove laden guitar is instant though. ‘Lay It On The Line’ has old school metal riffage akin to Judas Priest and a powerful memorable chorus, one of the more instant songs.

‘Sea Of Sorrow’ is a dark and brooding rocker and it does take a few spins before it makes an impression. ‘Never Enough’ is a mid tempo rocker with a wonderfully atmospheric chorus. I love the driving guitar riff in fact I love the overall feel of this very dark song. The ballad ‘Goodbye’ fits in with the dark and brooding feel of the album, listen out for some really cool intricate guitar licks on this track. ‘Just Because’ has a huge bombastic riff but again on first play doesn’t make a huge dent, but bear with it because the chorus is actually quite epic! Vocally this is one of Vincent’s standout performances.

There is more old school metal riffage on ‘Walk Through The Fire’ which is a high energy rocker with a pounding back beat and a massive powerful chorus. ‘Make Some Noise’ is a swaggering rocker with Vincent sounding particularly strong and impressive and contains a gripping main riff from O’Regan. The album closer ‘Obsession’ is another dark brooding rocker that takes a few spins to sink in.

Dark aggressive Melodic Hard Rock which delivers a bitch slap to the senses, combining metal riffs, thunderous beats and brooding vocals. If you’re looking for something with a bite or prefer the harder edged melodic rock bands Nemesis is well worth you checking out. I also think fans of old school metal will find plenty to head bang too amongst the tracks on here. Remember to Legion will be playing Z Rock 2012 at the Robin in Wolverhampton this coming May.