Left For Red – Vol.002: Mercy Flight


Review by Tony Gaskin

These heavy hitters from the Dudley area have come a long, long way since I first came across them whilst I was judging the Black Country BOTB. Disjointed with no cohesion they didn’t impress that night, although there were some glimpses of what might be if they focused on a few things. Well, they’ve been very focused of late and a lot of hard work and commitment has gone into developing themselves into a hard rock band that are making people sit up and take notice.

This EP kicks off with tribalistic drums and chugging bass lines, a perfect choice then for the TNA Impact Wrestling organisation who have picked “Kneel Before You Die” as their intro track for the upcoming tour of the UK. It’s heavy, brutal and will appeal to fans of Pantera, Down et al.

Second track “Mercy Flight” has a wider appeal with it’s faster pace, melodic hooks and harmonised chorus.  Vocalist LC Decoy is probably the one that has worked hardest to up his game and shows a good vocal range here.

Final track “My Obsession” slows things down again and is a total contrast to the previous two; a dark, brooding song, almost doom-like, but doesn’t quite work for me alongside the other two, too disparate in style and would probably have been best left till a full album release.

My question is, can they continue to move forward and deliver a full album of consistently good tracks? I think they can, there’s still work to do has they develop their unique brand of modern British Metal and a full session in the studio will enable them to be more creative and experimental. This is Heavy Metal at it rawest, forged in the furnaces of the Black Country and continuing the legacy left to us by the likes of Sabbath and Priest”

LFR_MERCY_COVER7 out of 10

Track Listing

  1. Kneel Before You Die
  2. Mercy Flight
  3. My Obsession


  1. Thanks Tony,

    When you first saw us we were in a bad way to be honest, we have come a long way since then and hope we can continue to make you proud mate.


    Left for Red

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