Laster – Ons vrije fatum


Well worth your indulgence…

Released on 9 January 2017 through Dunkelheit Produktionen (website; Facebook)

Review by Jason Guest

Embracing all the possibilities that atmospheric black metal offers, album number two from Netherlands’ Laster utilises a broad range of instrumentation for a rich and diversely-textured experience and is, for lack of a more apt phrase, an altogether different beast. While the fires of hell burn at the album’s core, the Dutch trio take their time to explore and elaborate a myriad of sonic depths and dimensions in greater and more colourful detail.

With its subtle use of samples, electronics and saxophone, and a more refined production, the album has a wider, more expansive feel to it than 2014’s De verste verte is hier, the band’s first full length. Where that album is much darker, there’s a distinct melancholy and yearning in the twisted melodies that pervade the ominously regal and occasionally jaunty atmospheres of this album. Between euphoria and ennui, Laster have manifest their discoveries in a multifaceted album that is as ambitious as it is impressive. Well worth your indulgence.

laster-ons-vrije-fatum7 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Ons vrije fatum
  2. Binnenstebuiten
  3. Bitterzoet
  4. Helemaal naar huis
  5. De tijd vóór
  6. De roes na
  7. Er wordt op mij gewacht