L Sol Tace – The Carcass Of Eternity


Review by Brady Deeprose


It’s not every day that I’m bowled over on first listen to an unsigned band, but this just happens to be one of those days. London’s L Sol Tace describe themselves as ‘venomous groove metal’ and that seems to be quite a fitting label.

The Carcass of Eternity is a no holds barred attack from start to finish. The pace of L Sol Tace, with regards to intensity as opposed to actual speed, is unbelievable. ‘Tight’ riffing and rasping, aggressive vocals throughout, TCOE is a clear statement of intent from a band that are just emerging onto the metal scene. Anton Swan’s vocal delivery is captivating and is one of the standout features that really make the album stand out from its contemporaries.

The album has just been released by Terrorizer Magazine which is a great help to any unsigned band and shows they have some backing in high places. But why should you go out and pick this album up? Simply put: because it’s bloody good! If you like your metal straight (Lamb Of God-, Machine Head-, Arch Enemy-esque) then the debut from L Sol Tace will be right up your street. Combining elements from those bands mentioned and more, they have shown that a mature, modern sound can be achieved without just ripping off the greats.

The first album is a tricky one for most bands: a real make-or-break moment. The Carcass of Eternity screams ‘Sign us!’ and I’m hoping some labels listen. So much progression from their first EP is evident and with the funding and the time to follow it up, their next album could be a real game-changer.

L Sol Tace - The Carcass Of Eternity8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. The Void Of God
  2. Fall (Feat. Peredur Wyn ap Gwynedd)
  3. Afterlife
  4. Mistress Of The Sun
  5. Rise
  6. Army Of Darkness
  7. Sinners Game
  8. Decevil
  9. Skin