L.S. Dunes + Kayleigh Goldsworthy @ O2 Academy 2, Birmingham – 30th January 2023


There are some hardcore L.S. Dunes fans in attendance tonight and the tension they create as they await their heroes electrifies the air. It’s a level of expectation that could make life difficult for opening act Kayleigh Goldsworthy, yet it doesn’t take long for the crowd to warm to her emotionally charged songs. It’s a very conversational performance with Kayleigh opening her heart to give backstory to each track and this honesty creates a tangible bond that’s only enhanced by cuts such as ‘Boomerang’ and ‘Call Your Mother’. However, the biggest cheer is reserved for when L.S. Dunes appear (sans vocalist) for closing track ‘Overambitious’ and the powerful sound they create foreshadows the mayhem to come.

I’m sure the guys in L.S. Dunes would baulk at the term “supergroup”, but as they’re comprised of members of Circa Survive, Coheed And Cambria, My Chemical Romance and Thursday, no other word would really suffice. It’s a pedigree that would have other groups green with envy but, of course, band chemistry can be a strange thing and bringing all this talent together is no certainty of success, but if any doubts linger about the band’s prowess, they’re blown out the water by ‘Bombsquad’. It’s an incendiary opener and one that proves to be the spark that lights the taper as a capacity crowd go suitably nuts. Locking in together with a precision that verges on telepathy, ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Grey Veins’ raise the temperature a few degrees and when vocalist Anthony leaves the stage to sing from the barrier things get really interesting. From herein lunacy reigns supreme (but in the best way) as fists pump the air, crowd surfers crash over the barrier and all accompanied by a sea of smiles.

Each date on this tour sold out in double quick time and you do get the feeling that this stage is a tad too small for L.S Dunes, but none of those lucky enough to have snapped up a ticket are ruing this chance to catch the band in such intimate surroundings. Each song performed tonight is culled from the band’s debut album Past Lives, and it is the title track from that record which brings the set to a cataclysmic conclusion. L.S. Dunes return, visibly exhausted, for two well deserved encores, the second of which finds Kayleigh Goldsworthy returning to add some electric violin to ‘Sleep Cult’, making a poignant and unforgettable closer.

Kayleigh Goldsworthy Set List:

1. Keep The Light On
2. Cursed To Wander
3. Boomerang
4. Call Your Mother
5. You’re Good
6. Jamie
7. Overambitious

L.S. Dunes Set List:

1. Bombsquad
2. Live Forever
3. Grey Veins
4. It Takes Time
5. Blender
6. Permanent Rebellion
7. Antibodies
8. Grifter
9. Past Lives


10. 2022
11. Sleep Cult