Klone – The Eye of Needle EP


Review by Jason Guest

With a number of releases to their name, France’s Klone are another band that have criminally been overlooked internationally. This 3-song EP is far superior to most full lengths out there right now. Combining alternative metal with jazz, avant garde, prog and esoteric sounds, Klone are an intelligent bunch of musicians that have carved a sound all their own out of a vast array of musical influences that, thankfully, places them way outside of any genre classification. ‘Eye of Needle Part I’ opens with a subtly dark ambience that slowly takes shape as a chilling and sinister introspective piece. While there is heavy instrumentation in the track, it’s used more for emphasis as the track spirals into deeper and almost chaotic layers. ‘Eye of Needle Part II’ is the perfect counterpart, diametrically opposite in its heavier dynamic, the second half is more aggressive, the riffs dirtier, but the track retains the atmospheric weight of Part I. ‘Monster’ leaves the introspection behind in favour of aggressive riffing and melodic vocal passages and finishes off the EP beautifully. Of particular note on the EP is Matthieu Metzger’s sax, his lines augmenting the avant garde feel and adding a different dimension to the already remarkable tracks. Given what Klone have done here in just three tracks, what they will do with their next full length will surely be astounding.

9 out of 10

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Track Listing:

  1. Eye of Needle Part I
  2. Eye of Needle Part II
  3. Monster