Klone – The Dreamer’s Hideaway


Review by Jason Guest

Klone’s recent EP, The Eye of Needle, is just incredible. Their combination of alternative metal, jazz, avant garde, progressive metal and esoteric sounds made for an EP that outshone many full length albums released this year. An intelligent bunch of musicians, their ability to create the sinister, the introspective, the atmospheric and the moving is extraordinary. What they bestowed upon us with just three tracks has grown exponentially and they have returned with an eleven track album that is, as I said in my review of the EP, just astounding (Ed: Jason’s review is here).

The chimes that open The Dreamer’s Hideaway soon give way to the BladeRunner-style bass line of ‘Rocket Smoke’ from which monster riffs emerge and Yann Ligner’s enigmatic vocals enter. Moving through a wave of musical dynamics woven into a formidable structure, this is an incredible start to a remarkable album. Dirty, slow and rhythmic grooves are juxtaposed with hypnotic riffs and mesmeric vocals while off-kilter feelings pervade the tracks that are as unsettling as they are seductive. From the monster riff-driven ‘Corridors’ to the elation of the atmospheric guitar work of ‘Rising’, Klone draw on all of their individual and combined strengths to give the tracks all that they need. Take the minimalist ‘Stratum’, mid-album, its ambience leaves the listener, stunned and stupefied, hanging in the electronic ether before the seven-minute ‘Walking on Clouds’ sees the band pulling out any stops that they haven’t already pulled out for a track that is as stirring and emotive as it is ambitious in its downward pull, the gravity of the track made all the more resonant by the uplifting latter half of the track. With vocal melodies and harmonies contrasted with near-tangible aggression, Klone unite the disparate and give unbridled freedom to their innermost creativity, so much so that when we find ourselves ‘At The End of The Bridge’, the journey has delivered us to a new beginning. Balancing the intelligent with the beautiful and the aggressive, the musicians disappear into the music and the dynamic balance across the album is just perfect. Absolutely essential.

9 out of 10

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Track listing:

  1. Rocket Smoke
  2. The Dreamer’s Hideaway
  3. Into The Void
  4. Siren’s Song
  5. Corridors
  6. Rising
  7. Stratum
  8. Walking On Clouds
  9. The Worst Is Over
  10. A Finger Snaps
  11. At The End Of The Bridge