Klear – Eyes Wide Open.


They’ve supported Skid Row, Guns’n’Roses and Rik Emmett… must be their turn soon…

Realeased by Lions Pride

Shorn of the live tracks that appeared on the US version, Eyes Wide Open – now a 6 track studio EP in Europe – is outstanding. The music is distilled and focused to the extent that we are immediately mainlined into the heart of this ten year old, recently resurrected band. ‘The Best Of Me’ is a powerful, passionate opener. It’s the EP’s emotional pulse, giving us a seductive glimpse of an abundance of richly melodic twists and heartlifting hooks that will appear over the next 30 minutes.

‘I Don’t Know Where I’m Going’ is magnificently urbane hard rock. Fred Shafer’s vocals lock onto a swaying, hypnotic groove, skilfully embellished and underlined by the rehearsed spontaneity of guitarist, Bruce Wojek’s guitar clang and jangle.

The switch into the laid back, low maintenance slow burn of the title track shows skill in mood and pacing. Shafer’s smoky, scorched vocals appear always to be on the edge of ignition, creating the kind of tension and anticipation that keeps you precariously balanced on the edge of your seat.

And so it continues through the next three tracks – compelling, articulate rock, veined with melancholy, instilled with confidence and maturity, urgency and drive. Along with Kiama’s Sign of IV, this is one of the year’s better rock releases.

9 out of 10kleareyes350

Track List:

  1. The Best Of Me
  2. I Don’t Know Where I’m Going
  3. Eyes Wide Open
  4. All On Me
  5. Long Way Down
  6. Restless