Kings of Moonshine – Iron River



Released through Concorde Music Company on 31 March 2017 and reviewed by Angie K

Formed in 2010, the Finnish band Kings of Moonshine have recently released their second album Iron River showcasing all their elements, which vary from psychedelic rock to blues, through alternative roots/country music, to urban music with the odd hip hop beat.

Their influences include a long list of musicians covering various parts of the music spectrum: country and western, American blues, gospel, rhythm and blues, R&B, jazz. From a rock fan’s perspective, this album can give you a field day as well. The analogies I find striking are ones with bands such as Pink Floyd and Dire Straits. I would be tempted to put Kings of Moonshine under the category of musicians similar to Chris Rea, Tom Petty or perhaps even John Mellencamp and Bob Dylan, as suggested by another reviewer.

This melodic mix of pop, psychedelic rock, alternative country and roots is an easy listen, so if you judge the book by its cover (i.e. name) and expect Medieval kings and dragons (think Rainbow, Dio and the likes), you will be disappointed. This is more like psychedelic meets the classic Pink Floyd, helping you wind down and relax. The vocal work is mellow and leads us back to David Gilmour and Mark Knopfler’s best exemplars. Tracks like ‘Sense of Time’ and ‘How Long is Forever (This Time)” are built upon relaxing tunes, ooze serenity and peace, helped by beautiful guitar solos in the latter where you cannot help but remember Dire Straits. You will also hear amusing tunes in Iggy Pop’s style (‘Foolish of Them All’) where the rhythmical structure is particular successful, vocals not so much (slightly out of tune at times). Refreshing, interesting and a lovely piece of work.

Kings of Moonshine – Iron River9 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Sense of Time
  2. Iron River
  3. Lay Down My Heart
  4. Outcast
  5. Foolish of Them All
  6. How Long is Forever (This Time)
  7. You’re So Quiet Now
  8. Stars
  9. Don’t Go To Town
  10. Until Everything Is Gone