Killswitch Engage – Disarm The Descent


Review by Dan Perks

Roadrunner Records

Every review of Disarm The Descent is going to be filled with words and phrases like “Re-energised” and “classic Killswitch”. They are true to some extent. The return of Jesse Leach has definitely redefined the Killswitch Engage sound. But is it all just justified hype over a fantastic album, or is it all just nostalgic bollocks? Well it’s a bit of both really. Jesse’s vocals completely change the dynamic of the Killswitch sound. I’m desperately trying not to say it “makes the heavy bits heavier, and the melodic bits more melodic” but it’s true. If you took this album as the direct follow up to Alive Or Just Breathing then it would have been a monumental leap forward for the band. Jesse’s voice now sounds more technically polished but still has that raw, powerful sound. The melodic clean vocal sections are harmonised perfectly. Lyrically, the slightly soppy, broken heart angst has made way for uplifting powerful calls for change and revolution. Tracks like ‘Time Will Not Remain’ and ‘In Due Time’ are massively anthemic. The whole album gives you a positive buzz and a really uplifting feeling.

Instrumentally it’s a bit Killswitch-by-numbers, the riffs and licks aren’t anything new but they still work. The grooves, riffs and vocals complement each other so well. This is aided by the massive production on the album. Every track sounds huge, the guitars are clear but heavy, the drums tones are perfect, the snares and kicks fill and compliment the guitar arrangements brilliantly. There isn’t really a weak point to the album. If you give in to the slight cheesiness of it all, it will make you head bang, sing along and fist pump all the way through. If you bury the hype of Jesse’s return and take the album as is, it’s still a monumentally good album. I think fans of any era Killswitch will be blown away by Disarm the Descent.

Killswitch Engage - Disarm The Descent9 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. The Hell in Me
  2. Beyond the Flames
  3. New Awakening
  4. In Due Time
  5. A Tribute to the fallen
  6. Turning Point
  7. All We have
  8. You Don’t Bleed for Me
  9. The Call
  10. No End in Sight
  11. Always
  12. Time will not Remain
  13. Blood stains
  14. Slave to the Machine