Killing Joke – Malicious Damage – Live At The Astoria 12.10.03. (DVD/CD & vinyl)


Gatherers of the world! The one, the only Killing Joke are releasing Malicious Damage – Live At The Astoria 12.10.03 on 6 September 2019 as a strictly limited edition DVD, vinyl and unlimited double CD. Limited to 1000, the double vinyl edition will be red – of course –  in a gatefold sleeve featuring the artwork of long-time Killing Joke artist/collaborator Mike Coles and the limited-to-2000 DVD – filmed and recorded live at the legendary Astoria venue – will arrive in a metal box with 5 postcards. Good stuff huh? Yes. Very. While the gig captures one of the last recorded concerts of bassist Paul Raven, it also captures the passion and brutal violence of Killing Joke’s performance.

Clad in makeup and a tunic(?) emblazoned with a spider that would make a black metal band cower in fear and, Jaz Coleman’s performance is intense, the whites of the medicine man’s eyes sharp against the backdrop of his filthy, almost ragged appearance and the glare of the lights. And while guitarist Geordie Walker’s riffs are tight, incisive and crushing, with Ted Parsons and Paul Raven of Prong’s Cleansing­ era holding down the industrial-strength rhythm section and Nik Walker’s dense synth work woven into the mix, the songs take on the heft necessary to make this performance as potent and as memorable as it deserves. While the original Killing Joke line-up remains the strongest, this line-up was something special, and this release makes you wonder what would have happened had they hit the studio.

The intensity of Killing Joke gigs is the stuff of legend. The songs are concentrated, hypnotic and overwhelmingly powerful. There’s a fierce spirit about their shows, one that’s very difficult to shake off long after witnessing them first-hand, and on the DVD and the CD it’s presence cannot be avoided. The neighbours really aren’t going to like this one…

Words by Jason Guest

  • Released on 6 September 2019
  • Vinyl / DVD / CD / T shirt and Print available here­­­

Killing Joke Astoria 2003 line up was:

  • Jaz Coleman: vocals
  • Geordie Walker: guitar
  • Paul Raven: Bass
  • Ted Parsons: Drums
  • Nick Walker: Keyboards

Track List:

  1. Communion
  2. Requiem
  3. Total Invasion
  4. Wardance
  5. Blood On Your Hands
  6. Change
  7. Seeing Red
  8. The Fall Of Because
  9. Follow The Leaders
  10. The Death And Resurrection Show
  11. Kings And Queens
  12. Empire Song
  13. The Wait
  14. Whiteout
  15. Frenzy
  16. Pssyche
  17. Asteroid
  18. Pandemonium