Karnak Seti – In Harmonic Entropy


Review by Jason Guest

Portugal may not be anywhere near Sweden, but Karnak Seti do a pretty good impression of the style. All of the characteristics of the style are here: hyper-production, gargantuan riffs, neck-breaking chugs, rapid runs up, down, and around the fret-board, gnarled death metal vocals, and machine-like drumming. Catchy, heavy, intense, it would be easy to dismiss In Harmonic Entropy as no more than a bland imitation of the Gothenburg style was it not for their capacity for writing great songs. Delivered at a faster pace than usual, their modern metal is solid with enough melody and ferocity to distinguish themselves as more than simple devotees.

‘Long Gone Shadow’ is a strong opener but it’s with track two, ‘Only Red Mist Descends’ that Karnak Seti step into their own, their idiosyncacies continuing into the ferocity of ‘Loss’ and the stomping ‘Among The Sleepless’. As you’d expect from any track in excess of the usual five minutes given to most songs, both ‘Stranded by Existence’ and ‘Collateral Dreams’ takes the listener on a journey through the band’s abilities as musicians and song-smiths. Though the former does sometimes feel as if the band is going through the motions and ticking the boxes instead of blowing them apart, the latter is an accomplished piece where the band manages to balance everything perfectly. Sometimes the songs can be predictable as the structures are, largely, typical of the genre, as are the dynamic shifts in the songs, usually following the pattern between full-on rage and the melodic a little too closely. But Karnak Seti deliver with conviction, an element that is easily lost in the hyper-production of much modern metal out there right now. We may have heard it before but Karnak Seti’s sophomore album is well-performed and well-written quality metal that fans of the Gothenburg style of melodic death metal will lap up. With a strong debut and now this under their belt, it remains a mystery as to why Karnak Seti remains unsigned…

6.5 out of 10


Track Listing:

  1. Long Gone Shadow
  2. Only Red Mist Descends
  3. Loss
  4. Among The Sleepless
  5. Golden Age Of Downfalls
  6. Luctor et Emergo
  7. Stranded By Existence
  8. Figureless Icons
  9. Collateral Dreams