June 2014 Music Reviews






So while most of you were either getting ready for, sunning it up at, or sobering up after this year’s Download Festival – including a few from MR – some of us were locked up in Midlands Rocks Towers, ears to the speakers, fingers pinned to the keyboard, and feet nailed to the floor, sifting through album after album seeing if any of them were worth bothering with. Not that we’re jealous or bitter or anything… Anyway, here they all are, all of June’s revooze for you to perooze. Enjoy!

Dead Sea Skulls – Eau De KitchenThe Midlands:


The Different:

Rich Robinson – The Ceaseless SightThe Rock:


Tesla - SimplicityThe Melodic:


Absolva – Anthems To The DeadThe Heavy:


Nunslaughter – Angelic DreadThe Very Heavy:


GoatwhoreAnd The Bleak: