Jumping Jack – Trucks & Bones


Review by Jason Guest

Quick question: do you like cowbell? Yes? Then read on because France’s Jumping Jack’s big stomping stoner rock grooves are for you. Granted, here the cowbell makes more of a cameo appearance than taking the lead, but the cowbell symbolises all that is R n’ R: huge riffs, massive drum beats, catchy choruses, melodic singing, and straight-to-the-point, no-bullshit leads. If that’s what you want out of your music then Jumping Jack are for you.

Vocally, Julian’s almost raw style (with hints of post-Black album Hetfield) augments the groove and melody of their style, his lines running tightly parallel with the riffs before leaping skyward from their highest point. His guitar sound is big, its fat overdrive giving the riffs a rough edge to complement the rawness of his voice. The drums must weigh at least ten tons, almost as heavy as the hammers that Chris pounds out his stripped back beats with. And Manu’s bass lines hold down the low end and colour the sometimes dark, always melodic and energetic aesthetic with the occasional understated flourish.

As for the songs, ‘She Made No Resist’ declares JJ’s intention with hints of 80s sleaze in the vocals and the attitude. Their not-inconsiderable balls come out for the might of ‘Wet Desert’ before slapping you around the face with them for ‘Crystal Tree’. And just when the slow intro of ‘Into My Eyes’ makes you think you’ll be getting a nut-free snack – slap! There they are. In fact, pick a song at random and you’ll get the same hairy sack smack of rock riffage. Though Jumping Jack may not be reinventing the wheel and there’s little in the way of surprises, their straight ahead R n’ R makes for a pretty good rock album. If basic, dirty, riff-driven rock is your thing, Jumping Jack are worth checking out.

6 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. She Made No Resist
  2. Wet Desert
  3. Crystal Tree
  4. Into My Eyes
  5. Churches Flames
  6. Taxidermic Sensation
  7. Fucking Holidays
  8. Black Jack
  9. Siren’s Blast
  10. Drunk Peanut
  11. Neverth