July 2014 Music Reviews





No, master! Please, master! Not again, master! We’ve done all that you demanded… Here they are, all of them, all of the reviews from July. Please take a look…

This Burning Age - DevotionWe had three marvellous releases from Midlands Bands:


We had something called a DVD, that’s a thing that you look at and listen to at the same time (I know, weird, huh?):


The Osiris Club - The Blazing WorldWe had some acoustic stuff, some bluesy soul stuff, and some proggy, psychedelic stuff that was just lovely:


And there was lots of rock stuff and melodic singalongy stuff too! We like this stuff:

Bules Pills 2014

Suicide Silence - You Can't Stop MeThere was a load of heavy stuff with lots of angry men shouting and screaming and smashing things that scared us, but only a little bit:

Abomnium – Solace For The CondemnedAnd then there was some downright abominable stuff that made some of us do a little poopy:



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