Jon Amor Blues Group – Debut album


Review by Rob Stanley

The usual PR blurb that accompanied this debut CD from Jon Amor Blues Group states that the band draw inspiration from blues greats such as Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf as well as more contemporary bands like The Black Keys and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion which I can see, but I’m not in full agreement with nor does it show in the final product.  In fact it is better than that, Oh so much much better than the PR analogy.  This is 70s Rolling Stones at their best meets The Virginmarys with a large shot of blues slamming you in the face for good measure.  To say that it is powerful, raw, dynamic and uncompromising sex on a stick is a massive understatement.  What this is is one of the best CDs that I have had the pleasure to listen to in many a year and like all good CDs the louder you play it the better it sounds.

This CD pulls you in right from the first note, your foot is tapping by the third and it does not let you stop until the last note of the last track fades away into the distance.  Whilst primarily rock/blues orientated, there are some potential classic blues tracks included too with “When the time comes” and “Repeat offender” never failing to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand firmly to attention. This is pure guitar induced Viagra at its uttermost best!

Recorded over a two week period and completely self-produced, between them, they have managed something that very few producers ever seem to achieve and that is to capture the pure rawness of live sound – in essence the soul of the band – without it having a negative impact on the final product.

This CD is as complete as any CD can be.  The only downside for me is the fact that there are only 10 tracks, which from my point of view are 90 short of what I want! Guess this means I’ll just have to keep playing the CD over and over again.

Fantastic CD and definitely a must for your collection.

9.9 out of 10