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Midlands Rocks is an online magazine run by a team of skilled and dedicated writers and photographers. We cover blues, rock and metal and every sub-genre between.

We publish…

  • A comprehensive Gig Guide that covers all the major and not so major venues across the Midlands region
  • Album and EP Reviews, though we don’t limit ourselves to Midlands acts.
  • Band Interviews via email, phone or face 2 face
  • Gig Reviews – with our region including several major cities we have plenty of live rock n roll to review and shoot
  • Feature Articles dealing with the key topics of the industry, along with regular looks at specific musical genres
  • We then have a plethora of complimentary content that supports our core work including: gig photo gallery, video playlists, a band directory, venue listings, shed loads of News, News and more News. Not forgetting our chat and banter across Facebook and Twitter.

We are currently seeking… (any individual can do more than one role)

Gig review/ face2face band interviewers

We are looking for people who can capture the live experience for our readers; someone who can find the story of the night and recount it in an engaging manner.

In order to justify the cost of free entry to the show, many agents are also seeking interviews with the band(s), so we ask all of our gig reviewers to be available to carry out a face2face interviews also. These are often conducted in the early evening after the sound check.

Interviews can be submitted as (edited) audio if the quality is good enough.

Gig reviews should be submitted within 72 hours of the show, if not sooner.

Interviews can follow after.

You will only be expected to cover gigs for genres that you actually like. You will request the gigs you want to cover; we then assign them based upon who has requested them. We just need you to be proactive, reliable and meet deadlines. Yes, sometimes life gets in the way and you may need to cancel at the last minute but we hope that is the rarity.

It’s an unpaid role. You will need to meet your own travel expenses. Do note that a 1 on a pass is much rarer nowadays, though not unheard of. Please treat the default as a single pass for yourself, with a +1 as a bonus.

For face2face interviews, these are typically around 15 minutes long and if lucky will be conducted somewhere quiet.

NB: Gig passes are not guaranteed (though we have an extremely good hit rate) and often are only confirmed the day before the show, sometimes the day of the show. So please do make allowances within your day-to-day life.

We are particularly seeking reviewers in the East Midlands area but also those people who are into the local music scene and happy to cover gigs at the local haunt rather than just the LG or Capital arenas.

To apply, please submit at least one self-edited gig review (e.g. not one the Editor has had to tidy up for you), no more than 500 words and one band interview, along with a short bio including the types of genre you like. Also advise us of the cities you can cover.

Please email us at

Band interviewers – email and/or phone

We have separated out this role as it can be undertaken at any time and if via email the band can answer in their own time.

Typically a band will want to undertake interviews when they have something to talk about – a tour and new album, etc.

The role will suit someone who can’t always get to a gig early enough to do interviews also. You needn’t be Midlands based either.

You will need to have a reasonable knowledge of the band/genre in question and/or prepared to do some research before hand in order to get the best out of the interview. Similar to our gig and album reviews we are not looking for ‘copy and paste’ questions. And although the agents and labels will want us to reference the tour or album, our role is to find ‘the angle’, something that will engage our readers and make the fans of that artist want to read our interview rather than any other.

The advantage of phone interviews is that you can react to the artist and their answers. The down side is that they need to be conducted at a certain time. They also require technology in order to record them and to be written up afterwards. For a small call fee you can use Skype to call the artist and there are free apps that can record that call.

Typically we can get interviews with all but the largest of bands. The higher up the ladder the more likely that it will be phone interview only. Smaller bands are more than happy to respond to email interviews, especially if English is not their first language.

We will be looking for you to undertake at least two or three interviews per month (unless you are also contributing to MR in other ways). If you want to submit audio interviews, these will need to be self-edited.

This is an unpaid role. You will need to meet your own expenses.

To apply, please submit two self-edited written interviews (e.g. not one the Editor has had to tidy up for you), and if you have done them, an edited audio interview. Please include a short bio and details about the genres you like.

Please email us at

Album/EP reviewers

We are seeking writers with a good to excellent command of the English language and a sound knowledge of one of the genres we cover. Although we have a Midlands bias in our gig coverage, we are happy to review any new release from across the world.

Of course, we want a review of the album in question, but we do look for something beyond a track-by-track description. If it’s a new band, how does it compare to its peers? If its an established act, how does it sit alongside their previous work and fit within their ‘career’ as a studio artist.

It is an unpaid role but obviously you will get early access to music you love. We are looking for reliable people who can submit quality work and don’t need to be chased.

We expect our reviewers to be able to consistently turn in at least 3 reviews per month (unless you are also contributing to MR in other ways). However there are so many releases available to review we will often run a short ‘round-up’ of three or four releases of a similar ilk (e.g. released on the same label or of the same genre).

Audiophiles please note: Albums and EPs are still made available on CD but more often than not are only available as MP3 downloads and, becoming more common, via streams only.

To apply, please submit two self-edited album reviews (e.g. not one the Editor has had to tidy up for you), each no more than 500 words, along with a short bio and details about the genres you like.

Please email us at





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