John Taglieri – Southern Paradise


Review by Robert Baker

Bringing a sun-soaked soundtrack for those balmy summer night drives down to the coast comes American melodic pop/rock singer-songwriter John Taglieri with the eleventh release of his self-made career to date, the six track EP Southern Paradise.

The opening roll of drums and chords that begins title track brings an uplifting, warming feel to the song that carries you along like a Jamie Cullum-penned tune thanks to expeditious use of tinkling piano and stanza-like chorus that acts as a very bright, infectious introduction to the new material. Though it can feel a bit too ‘all-American-working-man-rocker’ for some, the detailing of instruments within each track on Southern Paradise shows John’s experience in different styles and using those elements together to keep you involved, allowing a rich blues sound on ‘Down The Road’ to sit next to the full orchestral sound of ‘It’s You’s enveloping chorus as a complimentary rather than competitive track on the EP.

‘Days Of Nights’ and ‘Turn Around’ bring the EP to its conclusion with the full-on electric sound of Springsteen in his prime segueing into an ending of reflective calm that draws everything to a fulfilled conclusion that leaves you feeling a little disappointed there isn’t more but satisfied with what’s on offer.

John Taglieri - Southern Paradise 20138 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Southern Paradise
  2. When I Think About
  3. Down The Road
  4. It’s You
  5. Days Of Night
  6. Turn Around