Joel Grind’s Yellowgoat – The Yellowgoat Sessions


Review by Jason Guest

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Joel Grind, the bat-shit insane lunatic behind speed/thrash/black metal nutjobs Toxic Holocaust has brought us a ten-track collection of metal at its rawest. Imagine Motorhead meets early-thrash meets Bathory meets Venom in old school values of production and you’re in the right ballpark. Like Grind’s Toxic Holocaust, his Yellowgoat work doesn’t seek to break any new ground, only to celebrate the history of metal by bestowing upon us even more of the damned stuff to break our necks to. Bookended by the atmospheric ‘Ascension’ and ‘Descension’ are eight tracks of rampant, muddy, hyperspeed metal meted out through a miasma of distortion, reverb-drenched vocals, serrated riffs, and simple, straight-ahead drum beats. More crude than raw, as an album it lacks variation and so, while capturing the spit, snot and sweat of Grind’s evil intent, this twenty five minute-long ejaculate flies by without making much of a dint. With repeat plays (a lot of ‘em!), there are a few riffs that stand out but there’s not one song that sticks with you. Maybe Yellowgoat will, like Toxic Holocaust, develop into something with more to offer, but at the moment it’s got a way to go. If you want something to blast out at a ludicrous volume to piss somebody off, this will do the job, but little else…

Joel Grind - The Yellowgoat Sessions5 out of 10

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Track listing:

  1. Ascension (Intro)
  2. Hell’s Master Of Hell
  3. Vengeance Spell
  4. Foul Spirit Within
  5. Cross Damnation
  6. Grave Encounters
  7. Black Order
  8. The Eternal One
  9. Hail To Cruelty
  10. Descension (Outro)