Job For A Cowboy – Demonocracy


Review by Jack Arkell

Job For a Cowboy return with their latest skeleton-crunching offering.

For a band that seems to have been around forever, it is difficult to believe that Job For a Cowboy’s first ever studio album was released just five years ago. Since then, the Arizona death metallers have been through endless personnel changes, leaving lead vocalist Jonny Davy as the only original member.

Still, what has remained the same up to this recent release is the downright straightforward brutality that Job For a Cowboy produce. An opening salvo of ‘Children of Deceit’ and ‘Nourishment Through Bloodshed’ serve as a reminder to the band’s uncompromising sound, before further highlights such as ‘Tongueless and Bound’ continue the band’s return.

With just nine tracks making up a running time of forty minutes, ‘Demonocracy’ is spared of the filler that graces many an album, leaving only the prime cuts from the studio. This ensures that each track is given its own chance to breath, with the record bowing out before any of its elements can be overused.

Having progressed significantly since 2007’s Genesis, Job For a Cowboy have laid down their career best with Demonocracy, with a fine blend of solid song-writing, relentless riffs and varied vocals. Existing fans are sure to be delighted with this record, while those not yet acquainted with JFAC no longer have a reason not to be.

Rated 8 out of 10