Jester + Our Dystopia + The Enquiry + The Truthful Lies + Winter @ O2 Academy 3, Birmingham – 13 December 2012


Jester 2012Review by Jo Palmer and photos by Mark Lloyd

Fledgling acts, both Winter and The Truthful Lies look like they either need some more rehearsal or don’t mind learning while on stage. The latter is something no band can avoid but the former will make them more likely to succeed and their time on stage a little less painful. Winter had a lot of promise opening with their first song ‘Teeth’ but it was such as shame they didn’t take to the stage with a set list. The covers of The Pixies ‘Debaser’ and The Beatles ‘Twist and Shout’ were good but lacked a bit of energy which didn’t encourage the unfortunately small turnout.  However, with a bit of nurturing and wardrobe help, these three lads from Stourbridge have potential.

When The Truthful Lies opened with a cover of Billy Talent’s ‘Fallen Leaves’ I was hopeful but it soon fell flat as the six members didn’t have the energy to get the crowd interested. With the guitarist being the only member that spoke to the crowd and the singer forgetting the lyrics to Jets’ ‘Be My Girl’, with some much-needed practice and stage time they can find their niche.

Next up were The Enquiry, three cheeky chappys from Brum that immediately lit up the stage with their energy. These guys know their stuff. With great stage interaction and making sure to advertise their EP, website and where you can hear more of their music, the band’s vigour and style was impressive, to say the least. With its slow beginning building to a huge crescendo, their new single ‘Image Burn’ is definitely one to look out for and The Enquiry are unquestionably a band to keep an eye on in 2013.

With their unassuming and stunning front woman Jane introducing Our Dystopia to the small but slightly more warmed up crowd, the perfectly-formed melodic rock tunes are made more intense by Jane’s haunting yet beautiful voice. Their cover of Alter Bridge’s ‘Slip To The Void’ was effortless and the crowd were lapping it up. With its hard hitting guitar riffs, the first song they ever wrote together ‘Desperado’ has to be a definite single release for the band. With a set that flowed well and held the crowd’s attention, Our Dysopia are another band to keep an eye on for 2013.

Jester’s explosive opening and unbelievable energy may contrast with their down-to-earth appearance, but these guys clearly have a great time on stage and execute their songs with all-out conviction. With three-way vocal harmonies and dynamic guitar riffs, Jester’s catchy and anthemic tracks are a sonic assault. From the foot tapping ‘Break Me’ to the melodic ‘Stronger’, this is just plain and simple, good old fashioned rock music that deserves a whole load of airplay. Capping an impressive  set off with ‘She Can’t Say No’ Jester appear to be a band poised for much deserved media attention and much bigger things in 2013.

And you can see more shots from the show below:


  1. Hi Paul,
    There seems to be some confusion as I didn’t personally speak to the band. The photographer may have spoken to them, but I have to be honest with a review and say it as it is. Apologies if the band found the review harsh, I was being constructive. All I have said is that they need some more practice and they will find their feet. There was no offence intended and I do wish the band the best of luck with their futures.

  2. I was at this gig. I saw you talking to the truthful lies and you said very positive things about them to them in person. They left feeling good and looking forward to their forthcoming gig at the robin 2.
    This is a pretty awful review of 15 year olds who havw worked to pay for weekly practice studio time themselves for the last 12 months. They are totally open to constructive criticism and I would politely suggest that you give the criticism to the bands face at the gig rather than building them up so they tell their friends how much you liked it and to read the review, and then cutting them down in print. Crappy tactics frankly and neither big nor clever just disheartening.

    • Hey Paul, I obviously can’t speak for what Jo said on the night, I’m sure she will wish to comment. However I always ask my reviewers to be constructive and offer a few positives, which I think Jo has done here.

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