Irish prog metallers Sectile unveil new single


Irish progressive metal quintet Sectile have unveiled their video for the song ‘Black Cloud’ to coincide with the release of their new album Falls Apart.

Sectile are a five-piece prog metal band based in Dublin, and their music combines the melodic sound of classic prog, entwined with traditional heavy metal, laced with captivating technical arrangements.

The result is an alluring collection of soundscapes, which takes the listener on an aural journey from light to dark, offering an equilibrium of heavy and delicate guitar-work twinned with breath taking vocals and thought-provoking lyrics.

Formed in November 2016, Sectile released their debut self-titled EP in November 2017 to a positive reception, receiving coverage in a number of respected media platforms, including Ireland’s Hot Press Magazine. News of the band’s live shows travelled fast within the Irish metal scene, garnering them a reputation for being great performers.

Having spent the best part of 2018/2019 writing and recording new material, Sectile launched a new single – ‘The Hunt’ indicating the musical direction that would be the basis of their debut album Falls Apart.

Notable gigs to date include ‘Prog Metal Madness Live’ 2019 in London, with headliners Sümer and Voices from The Fuselage; renowned Irish metal festival ‘Siege of Limerick’ in 2018; two finals of Bloodstock Metal2TheMasses in Ireland and a packed headline show in Dublin in December last year.

Falls Apart marks a culmination of Sectile’s efforts to date. Tracks like ‘Black Cloud’ couple the heavier elements of Germany’s The Ocean with the melancholy and musical intricacies of Porcupine Tree and Leprous. Elsewhere album closer ‘Dying of The Lights: Purpose / Silence / Aethernity’ screams of Watershed era Opeth meets Periphery.