Interview with Skies In Motion


Interview by Matt Bradley

MB: I’m here with Skies In Motion at Nottingham Rock City. You’ve just played, supporting August Burns Red. How was it?

Pete Wright (guitar): Bloody brilliant.
Andy Shaw (guitar/backing vocals): The best show so far.
Sam Gaines(drums): An incredible opportunity, we were obliged to play.

MB: You’re much loved in the local area, so how many local fans came out to support you?

Sam: We sold all the tickets we were given, which is good.
Adam Connor (vocals): I saw were quite a few Skies tops in the crowd.

MB: How was the rest of the crowd?

Sam: They were cool and responsive, we got some pits.
Lou Adlington (bass): They were a lot more responsive that we expected.
Adam: That pit at the end was cool, but you’ve gotta make them move, to be honest.
Andy: You made them move.
Adam: I always make them move!!
Pete: That’s what she said…

MB: August Burns Red are a massive inspiration for you, especially seeing as you even used to cover their track ‘Composure’. How was it knowing you were supporting them and how did it come about?

Andy: Begging.
Adam: No… we tried to get a few Rock City gigs such as Hit The Deck 2013 and While She Sleeps but they were full, then we were emailed out of the blue asking if we wanted to support ABR and, no hesitation, we said yes. They are one of the biggest influences for us and one of the best bands to support, to be honest.
Sam: All of them are; Veil of Maya, The Devil Wears Prada
Adam: Yeah, they’re all bands we’ve listened to since we were in school.

MB: Obviously this is a really memorable gig for you, as it’s your first big gig. Any other gigs stick out to you?

Pete: Ilkeston!!
Lou: We played in someone’s conservatory with no PA and no sound guy, just used some kind of karaoke system.
Adam: About two hundred kids turned up and just destroyed it. We love playing these small shows.
Pete: Do we? I quite like playing here.
Adam: It’s mint to play here, but you know what I mean; small shows with awesome atmospheres.
Pete: Where you can feel the breath of the people in the front row.
Adam: Ever since I’ve been in a band, playing here has been a dream and now we’ve done it so I’m happy.
Sam: From never playing here to, within a month and half, playing every stage – Main Stage, the Basement, both stages in the Rescue Rooms and playing Stealth soon – it’s just awesome.

MB: Your EP is coming out soon, what’s that going to be called and when is it going to be released?

Adam: It’s called ‘Dreamer’.
Andy: It’s currently being mastered by Joshua Wickman and we told him not to give us a time scale. It’s almost finished so it’ll be out very soon. It’ll be either super cheap or free.
Pete: It’ll definitely be out in time for Christmas.

MB: You could start an official Christmas campaign.

Adam: “I’ve never felt so cold!!”
Sam: Get some jingle bells on it and we’re sorted.

MB: Aside from the EP, what else is in the pipeline for Skies In Motion?

Pete: We’ve got the November Weekender with A World Defined – they’re a great band.
Adam: Some more small shows that we love playing such as Out Of Town in Ripley, and we’re currently speaking to someone about a south coast tour which will include Plymouth. We’re also trying to get on Hit The Deck 2013 like we said earlier.
Pete: New songs as well!!
Andy: Yeah, we’ve been touring this current EP for six months now; everyone wants to hear new stuff. We’re writing and it’s all going good.

MB: Thanks a lot for talking to us, and do you have any last words for everybody?

Pete: Believe the hype!!
Adam: Yeah, check out Hype Clothing, they’re good friends of ours.
Andy: Check us out on Facebook and come to a show.
Pete: Then get naked and make love to us.
Andy: Respect gingers!!