Interview with Scott Sharp of BlackWolf


Interview by Jack Arkell

If names such as ‘The Answer’, ‘Gentleman’s Pistols’ and ‘Rival Sons’ mean anything to you (and let’s face it, they really should), then chances are you may have heard of a band called BlackWolf. Fear not if you haven’t, as the Bristolians are preparing to make themselves heard in the very near future.

Jack Arkell spoke to frontman Scott Sharp about the recent progress made by of one of the best new rock and roll bands in theUK.


MR: How did the show at London’s 100 Club go at the end of September?

Scott Sharp: Yeah it went really well, it was packed out and the crowd were really good. We sold a healthy amount of merch, so it was great. We’ve had a lot of shows that we’ve really enjoyed, playing in front of different crowds and winning them over, but it was certainly in our top five.

For those who haven’t experienced your live show, how can you describe it in a few words? 

Energetic, loud and stomping.

 ‘Taking Root’ was an excellent EP. When can we expect a full-length release from you? 

We’re in talks with certain people about making an album at the moment, and we aim to be in the studio by early 2013.

What do you want to do differently with the album, or will you be keeping the same sort of sound?

 Well we’ll be in a different studio, so that will make a bit of a difference, but we’ll keep the same producer that we worked with for our EP. We’ve talked about having a more rough and ready sound around the edges this time round. With ‘Taking Root’, we tried to show every side of us in four tracks, whereas with the full-length we’ll be able to try to make each song stand by itself.

How long did it take to write ‘Taking Root’? 

 Well the guys got together to form the band in 2010, a couple of years before I joined when their original vocalist left. We had to pick out of eight to ten existing songs to include on the EP, so the writing didn’t take that long really.

Due to certain aspects of your sound, you tend to be labelled as a rock and roll throwback, being compared to the likes of ACDC, Led Zeppelin etc. Is this flattering, or would you rather the focus was on your own music? 

It’s always nice to be compared to bands who we are influenced by, but I’d say we’re not really a throwback band. We’re more like a revival band, similar in the way The Answer and Rival Sons are.

It can be so difficult to get noticed these days. How did you go about it and was there a defining moment you can highlight? 

I think it’s hard to see from the inside. When you’re watching a band growing it is much easier to pinpoint the moments where things begin to come together for them. It’s a slow road, and we’ve got to where we are now by pushing and pushing. Much of the recognition we have now came off the back of the EP, and now we’ve been able to land owners and promoters.

Now’s a time of much transition for BlackWolf. Is one of the main goals in the immediate future to get out and tour the UK again? 

Absolutely, we really want to start to plant our feet and introduce ourselves to as many people as possible. The goal is to be playing bigger shows regularly by 2014.



Read our review of BlackWolf’s excellent debut EP ‘Taking Root’, then go buy it from their official site.



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