Interview with Phlegeton of Wrong


“…you’ll have distress and suffering in your lonely nights”

Interview by Jason Guest

Hi Phlegeton. Thank you very much for taking time out for this interview.

Hi Jason and all the crew of The Midlands Rocks. Thanks for your interest on our band.

Just to bring our readers up to speed, Wrong was formed in late 2012. Can you tell us what it was that drew you together to create music?

We met in 1993. Both lived in the same city and had common friends. We always had been working in extreme metal projects separately. We had lost track each other but in 2010 we met again and started to work together in several projects. As musicians we complement each other well.

Both you and DP (guitarist, bassist, pianist) have played in a number of bands in the past. Does Wrong offer you both opportunities for expression that your previous bands perhaps didn’t?

You’re right in saying that Wrong offers us a lot of freedom of musical expression. We have felt that feeling from the beginning, perhaps because we are only two making the music and it’s easier to reach a common taste. In addition, you get results faster. In other bands or projects, we work in the same way but with less agility because you have to take into account the tastes and opinions of all the members. All the projects give the same compositional liberties and satisfactions. Just try to adapt to the overall style of the band and do your best work.

Wrong – Memories of Sorrow
Wrong – Memories of Sorrow

Your first album, Memories of Sorrow (reviewed here), was released over a year ago (February 2013). How do you view the album now that you’ve had time to live with it, so to speak?

We still feel how Memories of Sorrow hypnotizes us and makes us travel like the first day. We see it like a cult album very appropriate for lost in the mist or surf in far seas. Maybe Aphelion Productions will release vinyl edition for collectors, this year.

You’re just about to release your second album, Pessimistic Outcomes. Have you set a date for its release?

Yes. The album will be released on April 22 by Xtreem Music. We recently have started the promotional campaign.

Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted to achieve with your second record?

We want to continue on the same line. Hypnotic music that makes you travel…

How does it differ from Memories of Sorrow?

Drums have a much better production, the guitars are tuned differently and there is a remarkable evolution on strings, we have included cinematographic intros and outros, we have changed the sound of piano… If we do a deeper comparison with the new compositions, we have moved away from industrial riffs to embrace a much more constant, intense and rotten sound.

Has the creative relationship between you band DP progressed between albums?

Of course, as time progresses we feel more comfortable and we save time because we have made ​​our working method.

What has not changed is that we continue with the same desire to create depressive sounds with the same enthusiasm in the project and with the same confidence in each other.

According to your bio, Wrong focuses on a post apocalyptic, dystopian future for its music. What inspired this concept?

In order to tell the worst and most decadent human stories, we figured out that a post apocalyptic setting is more appropriate. We really like post apocalyptic movies like Mad Max, The Road, The Book of Eli, etc. Aesthetically is attractive for us first horror films like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari or more modern films, made in his likeness, as Begotten or Ringu.

Is this the theme for the new album?

The theme is exactly the same. We still want to tell awful stories of human decadence in the post apocalyptic world we have created. We believe it’s a good formula.

How do you approach writing? Do you work separately and bring complete songs to the band or do you collaborate on ideas?

Sometimes we make some compositions separately but actually we like to make every new song between both. We always follow the same procedure recording instruments: guitars, piano, bass, drums and vocals.

How does your music begin life? An idea, a melody, a riff, a lyric, a theme?

A little bit of everything. Sometimes part from a lyric but most times we like to compose melodic base before. It’s easier for us adapting a lyric to a song than vice versa.

Do you discuss how you want the songs and your albums to sound or do they take shape as they are being developed?

We set up the production work before start recording. On the first album we find out a comfortable formula to work. Each of us decides how to record the own instruments. The sound is shaping in the mix process.

Wrong - Pessimistic Outcomes
Wrong – Pessimistic Outcomes

As you’re both Spanish, why choose to write in English?

Written English is more rhythmic than Spanish and therefore is easier to write the lyrics. It’s also a universal language that allows you to speak to the rest of the world.

Any plans for live performances? If so, will we be seeing you in the UK?

Maybe, now we are preparing the show for performing after the release, next April 22. In any case, you can book us through our email:

On the subject of live performances, what would be the ideal setting and/or venue for a Wrong show?

Always prefer large stages because we are five people playing and you are more comfortable but we are used to playing in the most putrid and grimy clubs with previous bands so we have no problem to adapt.

What does the future hold for Wrong?

The work inside Wrong is constant. Now we have the album’s release in April and we are immersed in the promotion. We look forward to every concert we can do to bring Pessimistic Outcomes and its horrible stories to the audience. The band rehearsal is constant and we are also beginning to compose songs for the third album. Don’t be afraid, you’ll have distress and suffering in your lonely nights.

Early days I know as the new album is on the verge of being released, but is there more music in the pipeline?

There are and will be much more music. You will love the songs of the third album and of course, Pessimistic Outcomes.

Thanks again for taking time out for this interview. Do you have any closing words for our readers?

Thank you very much to Jason and The Midlands Rocks for the interview. Thanks to the readers for coming to the end of the interview. If anyone has not heard Memories of Sorrow and are interested, you can do so through Wrong’s Bandcamp Page. To contact or book us you can write to: wrongblackmetal@gmail.comTo follow our news and updates, like us on Facebook.