Interview with Nuclear Exterminator of Nocturnal Graves


“…a homage to and glorification of the Inner Promethean Flame which burns brightly within the Strong”

Interview by Jason Guest

Jason: Thank you very much for taking time out for this interview and congratulations on …From The Bloodline of Cain (reviewed here). To begin, Nocturnal Graves split in 2010 and reformed in 2012. What was it that made the band split? And what was it that made you decide to get back together and play band record again?

Nuclear Exterminator: The line up at the time really wasn’t working for me. I was the only one writing music and taking care of all matters related to the band, so things just burnt out. In 2011 Decaylust (also of Denouncement Pyre, and who had been working with us a session live guitarist) told me that he would like to take a more active role in Nocturnal Graves. That was really the kick I needed to get back into it and that was when I started writing material for what became the new album.

Jason: Drummer L.Wilson and guitarist Shrapnel joined in 2012. What was it about them that drew you to them for the band? And what have they brought to the band and the writing?

Nuclear Exterminator: I was in Destroyer 666 with Shrapnel in the 90’s and we always said we would do music together again at some point. When he told me he was moving back to Australia when he left D’666 the idea arose that he could join Nocturnal Graves. After a few discussions things fell into place… then I asked L. Wilson if he was interested in drumming for the band, and obviously, he was. Until now the others haven’t actually written any material for Nocturnal Graves but their input into the arrangements has been invaluable.

Jason: When you were writing for the album, did you have a clear idea of what you wanted to achieve or did that evolve with the writing?

Nuclear Exterminator: Well, we had discussed what we wanted but as the material was being written, that kind of reshaped our original ideas into what the albums eventually became. But from the beginning we set out to create an album that was pretty much non-stop aggression and an in-your-face Death/Thrash Holocaust.

Jason: Is there a theme that underpins the album?

Nuclear Exterminator: Yes, a homage to and glorification of the Inner Promethean Flame which burns brightly within the Strong.

Jason: Who writes the lyrics? What are the themes? And where does inspiration come from?

Nuclear Exterminator: Myself and Decaylust composed the lyrics. Inspiration comes through everyday life, meditation, Ritual Magic and philosophy.

Nocturnal Graves 2013Jason: The artwork is very impressive. Who’s the artist?

Nuclear Exterminator: Paolo Girardi (Facebook; Website)

Jason: What was it about their work that drew you to him/her?

Nuclear Exterminator: Well his talent speaks for itself, but we had the idea that we wanted a piece of art that was reminiscent of pieces from the renaissance period (which is one of my favourite periods of art). Whilst searching for someone we felt capable of such a style, we stumbled across Paolo.

Jason: How much direction did you give Paolo in its creation?

Nuclear Exterminator: We came up with the concept and we supplied some rough sketches, but overall Paolo was free to realise our visions through his interpretation of it. And he clearly did a marvellous job.

Jason: What’s your view of your older material? What’s your relationship with it now?

Nuclear Exterminator: I enjoy our older works, but really, I am looking forward with the band and not dwelling in the past.

Jason: Musically speaking, how have Nocturnal Graves developed since the band started?

Nuclear Exterminator: I think the main difference between the new album and our previous releases is that the arrangements of the songs are much better, and the level of aggression is a lot higher. We are going to keep pushing our own boundaries with the new stuff so I am eager to start writing again actually.

Jason: Does …From The Bloodline of Cain mark any kind of progression or development for the band?

Nuclear Exterminator: I believe that it does, but I’m not speaking from the perspective of the listener. For me I believe that we have tapped into a new energy source so we are going to continue digging deeper and pushing things further down into the Abyss.

Jason: All of the members of Nocturnal Graves play in other bands. How do you know what material will be for which band?

Nuclear Exterminator: We know what we want with Nocturnal Graves and I think the style and approach is very different to any other bands we are involved with.

Jason: How and why did you choose to work with the label Hells Headbangers? And will you be working with them for future releases?

Nuclear Exterminator: They offered us a good deal. Time will tell whether we stay with them or end up on another label.

Jason: How is the scene in Australia? What are audiences and attendance at shows like?

Nuclear Exterminator: It’s okay; some good bands and lots of shit ones. Attendances to gigs like ours vary from 150 – 300 (300 being on a real good night).

Jason: What does the future hold for Nocturnal Graves? Is there more material in the works? Any live dates planned for 2014? Will we be seeing you in the UK?

Nuclear Exterminator: We are going to work on new material this year so we will see how that comes together… but we will definitely do another album in 2015. I doubt we will do any touring overseas in 2014, so we will probably wait until another album for that… we will do some select local shows later in the year but that’s all.

Jason: Again, thanks for taking time out for this interview. Do you have any closing words for our readers?

Nuclear Exterminator: Thanks for the interview. If anyone out there is interested in Nocturnal Graves releases and merch visit Hells Headbangers, or check out our own webstore where you can get shirts and other stuff only available through us directly. Hail Satan!


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