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Interview by Jason Guest

Jason: Thank you very much  for taking time out for this interview and congratulations on Coerce Creed (Ed: reviewed here). To begin, can you tell us what it is that Nechbeyth represents?

Nechbeyth: A razor garrotte across the neck of humanity and all PC ideals.

Jason: Where does the name Nechbeyth come from and what does it mean?

Nechbeyth: A corruption of the Egyptian Vulture Goddess.

Jason: You have released three demo/promos, one album (2011’a Blood. Axis. Domination.) and now this EP. What did you set out to achieve with Coerce Creed?

Nechbeyth: Same thing as all our previous and upcoming works: AUDITORY DECIMATION.

Nechbeyth - 2014
Artwork by oitwasfuk
Nothing Sacred Artworks

Jason: Who designed the artwork? And did they have complete control over the design or did the band give guidelines of what you wanted?

Nechbeyth: We engaged an Indonesian Illustrator, oitwasfuk from Nothing Sacred Artworks. The band will always give the necessary instructions/guidelines on all illustrations.

Jason: How and why did you choose to work with Iron Bonehead for the release of Coerce Creed?

Nechbeyth: PK offered to release COERCE CREED on MLP format upon hearing the materials.  Iron Bonehead is a trustworthy and efficient label to work with.

Jason: Nechbeyth has been together since 2000. How has the band evolved since it began?

Nechbeyth: Time has matured Nechbeyth into a more ruthless and vicious beast.

Jason: What was it that drew you to black metal?


Jason: In the past, you’ve been called Singapore’s answer to Marduk. How do you feel about that now?

Nechbeyth: People can label us what they want. It’s of no consequence nor importance to us.


Jason: Who are the band’s influences? Are there any bands in particular that have had the most impact on the band’s sound?

Nechbeyth: Only the most extreme and harsh with the likes of CONQUEROR / REVENGE / BLACK WITCHERY / BLASPHEMY / BESTIAL WARLUST

Jason: Since it originated in Norway in the early 90s, black metal has spread across the globe. For you, what is it that makes black metal such an enduring and potent art form that people of all countries find so appealing?

Nechbeyth: Appeal for black metal differs in shape, form and purpose. I don’t really care much for people’s opinion on what they find appealing.

Jason: What can we expect from Nechbeyth in the future? Is there more material in the works? Another album?

Nechbeyth: We are in discussions for split(s) and currently we are writing new materials for our next album due for recording in early 2015 C.E

Jason: Do you have live any shows planned? And will we see Nechbeyth in the UK any time soon?

Nechbeyth: Currently we are devoting all our resources into studio works. I have been discussing the possibility of UK/Euro dates with Invictus of SPEARHEAD. We will see where this takes us.

Jason: Thanks again for taking time out for this interview. Do you have any closing words for our readers?




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