Interview with Arabia’s John Blaze


Interview by Woody

Hi John, this is Woody from Midlands Rocks, I hope you are well!

Hey Woody – nice to meet ya!! I am freakin’ doing awesome!

So John are you looking forward to coming over again and performing with Arabia at Z Rock this year?

No – no way – i just wanna stay home! sorry –just having some fun with ya, I am stoked! can’t wait, it is truly something i look forward to all year. The only drag is when it’s over. Mark from Z Records always does a great job and treats me like family when i’m there. It is a great experience that i am looking forward to.

Arabia stole the show at last year’s Z Rock, with a fantastic band performance from the entire band and your wonderful flamboyant stage presence. Can fans expect more of the same from you guys this year?

Very nice of you! yes – we will rock the house again. I think a band should always give their best 100% no matter if there are two hundred or 20 thousand people. I love being on stage and i think that shows. It is where i am most comfortable in life. It is an extention of who i am and where i am complete.

Can you give us any hints to what songs may be amongst the set list this year? I have my fingers crossed for melodic rock anthem Till The Day I Die’ and my favourite song from last year’s set ‘Last Temptation’.

Wow – interesting. Yes to ‘Till The Day I Die’ and i was thinking about cutting ‘Last Temptation’. I wasnt sure if that translated or not but if you wanna hear it, you got it. The other tracks will be pretty much the same as last time.

I’m presuming the Arabia line-up will be Vince O’Regan (Guitar), Irvin Parratt (Keyboards), Lee Morris (Drums) and Steve McKenna (Bass) is this line-up we will see?

Yes – all the same line-up. I really cant say enough about those guys. We are truly a band, it’s actually pretty amazing how we clicked right from the start. Each one of those guys are great musicians but more that that, great people. What we share on stage is what we shared off stage, we are a band with a big pond between us for a while then we reunite and pick up right where we left off. This will be arabia from now on.

Are you working on a new Arabia album or any other projects and is there anything you could tell us about them?

I have my “Sins of a Scarecrow” project here in the USA that keeps me pretty busy. It shares some of the same material but is more of a visual Alice Cooper meets Kiss type thing. I dig it because it shows a different side of me, a darker more sinister character that is deep inside my head.

What albums or songs from your back catalogue are you most proud of and any reasons why?

The ‘Heart Is A Lonely Hunter’ is a favorite. On the cd it was a one take track so i think its realy cool that me and the musicians captured a really cool raw feel. I didnt perform ‘Blood Runs Blind’ but i dig the vibe of that track. I wrote it about the aids crisis at the time so it has a great meaning. I dig ‘Drive’ too because it’s like a porno rock song. Last i think is ‘1001 Nights’ from the first record, very cool moody piece of music.

Are there any musicians you would like to work with in the future?

To be honest, I really love my mates in the UK that i am playing with. At one time in my life i wanted to grow and learn and play with other musicians. As i get older, it’s about a feeling you get from great people so i am really happy to be playing with Arabia.

What are your favourite songs from the last Arabia album‘Welcome to the Freak show’?

Yike – I might have answered that already sorry. Freakshow, No Place, Last Temptation, Blood Runs Blind and Drive!!!

Have you got any plans to return to the UK in the future for more live dates?

I follow my main man Mark from Z Records. Wherever and whenever he wants me to be – i am there. I hope to be back as many times as i can. I really cant belive what happens when i’m over there. I always feel so welcome and that’s real speacial to me.

I’m sure Arabia is going to be one of the highlights again this year and I’m looking forward to your set! Is there anything else you would like to add or say to Midlands Rocks readers?

Midlands Rocks readers – when you see or hear a band, trust your eyes and ears that the music is real and the players are sincere. Look for the good and listen to music that moves you. Come check out an Arabia show and i’ll do my best to get under your skin and into your heart. Rock on rockers! All the best, Blaze.

Thanks again for having me do this interview Woody. I am always honored when someone wants to hear what i have to say. If you’re at the show – please make sure we meet up. RNR – Blaze