Interview with Amon Amarth’s Ted Lundstrom


We try to carry on the tradition…

Midlands Rocks in the shape of Russ Powney met up with Ted Lundstrom, long time bass player with Amon Amarth, teller of Vikings tales and Norse mythology. We asked him to discuss their long term plans and how they sustain their creativity whilst they continue to tour extensively and search for curry…

Hello Ted, we find you in the middle of a European Tour, how are things going?

Very good so far, second to last show in England, then we go to Spain France and Portugal. We are trying to get to as many places as we can, it’s been a fun trip just trying new things, new experiences.

As a band you seem to have a really strong work ethic, album tour album tour. Do you know what you’re doing for the next 12 months? How do you find time to write?

Yes it’s our life, we do get some ideas for new material but we tend to focus 100% on the now, once this tour is finished we are going to take time out and concentrate solely on the new record. No festival dates just writing.Well unless something really interesting offer comes up then we might, but for now the plan is to write new material.

Do you write as individuals or a collective?

A bit of both. Time out after the tour then meet up, we haven’t a rehearsal space at the moment so we will just meet up we are all pretty close. Everyone has their say, everyone has ideas then we just work it out.

AmonAmarth-DeceiverOfTheGodsAmon Amarth has always written about Vikings and Norse Mythology, do you have a particular favourite?

No not really. I find it interesting and it’s something we like, we chose a different path from traditional Death Metal or Gore. It’s our style.

Have you any ambitions?

Just normal dreams, expand them a little, bigger venues, but whatever comes comes, we are pretty relaxed about it. We have been together for so long, just our little machine.

The support line up with Huntress, it’s a good mix…

Yes, we played with them in the States and we like them, the whole show, a good mix, A few years ago we toured with Sonic Syndicate and our fans and their fans did not really appreciate each other music, so we try for a wide package, widen your audience, just a general plan.

The last album was received really well, can we expect something similar. Will you use the same producer?

Yes we will try, I think we will use Andy again; he helped us a lot, gave us a new focus and made some really positive suggestions. Then we can start again, tour, album – living the dream better than working as a painter in construction.

Amon Amarth always has great artwork…

Yes, we try we put a lot of effort, lyrics and artwork the complete package, try and make something real other than a digital download. As a kid I always enjoyed Iron Maiden albums, gatefold sleeve and all that. We try to carry on the tradition.

Do you have a routine before the show?

Yes, sort of just rest grab a bite to eat, think curry tonight, then about half hour before show we just get ready and then it’s all ahead.

And on that note, Ted left us to find a curry in Leamington.