Inglorious – Inglorious


More zip than a European bondage party

Review by Mark Wrigley

Frontiers Music SRL

Release Date: 19 February 2016

Inglorious are a bit special. A bold statement indeed, but one that is backed with an absolute stonker of a debut album. This self titled offering is a groove laden statement of intent; delivered with the kind of swagger and panache we haven’t seen since Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and a couple of mates rocked up on the scene calling themselves Led Zeppelin.

This album from these five guys is a true classic rock showcase. Frontman Nathan James is a vocal siren, his pedigree and ubiquitous class truly shines. Vocal soundscapes laced with soul and blues, all the boxes are ticked, from raucous anthems (Until I Die, Breakaway) right through to spine tingling (Bleed For You, Wake). James is backed by quality, with six string duties handled by Wil Taylor and Andreas Eriksson, the latter taking charge of lead duties, his fretboard antics bringing more zip than a European bondage party… just check out Breakaway.

The album is authentic and not processed; recorded with all band members present, no click tracks and no overdubs. This is real, and the urgency filters through. As Warning gallops along you cannot help but be swept up in the energy, and title track Inglorious demands a “fist in the air” response as James belts out, “We will rise, victorious”

Musically, Inglorious are right on the money. Big bluesy infectious chorus lines, riffs a plenty and huge hooks that wouldn’t be out of place coming from the left hand of Tyson Fury. With roots firmly planted in the 70’s this record brings modern quality to the classic vibe. Assistance on the writing side comes from the likes of Al Pitrelli (Megadeth, Alice Cooper), Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger, Whitesnake) and Neil Fairclough (Queen), this is hard rock, straight, true and pure.

A statement of intent and a cracking album. These guys are damn good, and with a European tour alongside The Winery Dogs in support of this album, 2016 will be an Inglorious year indeed.

8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Until I die
  2. Breakaway
  3. High Flying Gypsy
  4. Holy Water
  5. Warning
  6. Bleed For You
  7. Girl Got A Gun
  8. You’re Mine
  9. Inglorious
  10. Wake
  11. Unaware