Incite @ Rock City, Nottingham – Thursday 19th February 2015


Review and photos by Gary O’Brien

Rock City on a typically English winter’s night, i.e. it’s cold and tipping down with rain but this hasn’t prevented a decent sized crowd turning up to see Phoenix based groove-metallers Incite, led by Max Cavalera’s son Richie, playing on their first headline tour of the UK.

Having interviewed Richie just prior to the show, it was a surprise to see the mild-mannered, quietly spoken guy I’d been chatting with twenty minutes earlier, turn into the whirling dervish that bounded on stage to ‘Up In Hell’ from the album of the same name, the pace of the show rarely letting up from that point on.


Playing as a four piece, rather than the five piece that recorded the latest album, I thought the sound would be a little less full than on the album but guitarist Dru Rome did an admirable job of creating a massive sound whilst also controlling the samples that filled in for the missing guitar. His melodic, yet crunching solos added an element of dynamics that are often not seen in bands from this genre.

The band played songs from all three of their albums but with the emphasis obviously being on the recently released Up In Hell, the lyrics of which were also a break from previous albums, based on personal observations and philosophies, rather than typical metal clichés. The rhythm section of Chris EL and Lennon Lopez created a pounding, dark groove not dissimilar to Pantera in their prime, providing the perfect backdrop for Cavalera’s manic stage presence and howling vocals and Rome’s brilliant guitar playing.

Highlights of the set were the aforementioned ‘Up In Hell’, ‘False Flag’ and latest single ‘Fallen’ from Up In Hell and ‘Rage’ and ‘Nothing To Fear’ from 2012’s The Slaughter, all of which incited (excuse the pun) the crowd into a maelstrom of activity.

Returning to the stage for a short, two song encore, it can safely be said that bigger things are in store for Incite if this gig was anything to go by. To sum up; brilliant and brutal, a really great gig!


1. Up In Hell
2. False Flag
3. Fallen
4. Die Alone
5. Down And Out
6. Tyranny’s End
7. End Result
8. WTF
9. Rage
10. Nothing To Fear
11. Losing Grip
12. Feel The Flames
13. Rise To Greatness
14. The Aftermath

15. The Slaughter
16. Army of Darkness

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